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How to Submit Mesh Governance Feedback via the Community Portal

Mesh Governance Feedback

Axway AMPLIFY™ Central Mesh Governance features capabilities that help you accelerate integration and adoption of Microservice-based APIs. Mesh Governance allows you to connect your existing Kubernetes microservice environment directly to your AMPLIFY Central organization view. AMPLIFY Central and the Mesh Governance feature are delivered via SaaS so their delivery velocity can be much faster than traditional on-premise features, and so it doesn’t follow a normal periodic cadence.

The Mesh Governance feature is part of any other subscription that enables AMPLIFY Central (Application Integration, AMPLIFY Central directly, etc.).

Any of these subscription options can be enabled on the Axway platform.

Today, the Axway AMPLIFY Central Mesh Governance feature is in public Beta mode even though the rest of AMPLIFY Central (the iPaaS/Application Integration, the Unified Catalog consumer view hosting, and the Central SaaS-hosted data plane for API proxying) is open for general availability (GA).

While we are working to move Mesh Governance from Beta to GA, we want to use the Community Portal discussion forums to provide faster resolution and feedback until we reach a future GA release level.

This separate Community Portal discussion group will serve as the place to gather feedback and suggestions to improve the feature. Also, we would like to collect this from both internal and external users.

This overview (and the proposed escalation steps that follow) should only be needed until we finally GA the AMPLIFY Central Mesh Governance features later. At that time, the normal customer issue and feature request escalation processes can be followed.

The Community Portal Mesh Governance Discussion group can be found here. (Note: customers can only access this site or with a Salesforce-enabled Community Portal account.)

The public documentation topics for this feature can be found here. This will grow in the future as we capture more working examples and more detailed deployment and configuration use cases.

As such, the Mesh Governance feature is not currently supported via Axway’s classic support model using the Axway Support Portal or via the traditional “Enhancement Request” process.

How to contribute?

  • Start a discussion and provide your comment, suggestion or observation tagging the discussion with ‘Mesh Governance’
  • As the Mesh Governance feature is a hybrid service external connected to AMPLIFY Central, please provide us some of the details about your service mesh environment (Kubernetes type and version), are you using our provided istio mesh layer or did you provide your own (and what version is it), Generally, we would like to know where in the creation, deployment, support, service development lifecycle you are.
  • If you have an idea or suggestion to improve the feature, please tag the discussion as Feedback (via Add Topic) or add the tag later when needed.
  • If you think you have found an operation, mode, or symptom where the feature does not work as expected (or as documented), please tag the discussion as a Defect (via Add Topic) or add the tag later when needed.
  • You can UpVote the Discussion (yours or others) to help us gather more feedback to factor in with other priorities.
  • Your Axway team (CSO / Catalyst / PM) will monitor and provide updated status back to the discussion thread.

Read more about what a Service Mesh is and does here: