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Integration as a Service: Why do you need iPaaS?

Integration as a Service: Why do you need iPaaS?

To succeed in digital transformation goals, businesses need to integrate more systems, people and things than ever before. Businesses require more touch points and...
Iot and integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) and integration: How they work together

The Internet of Things (IoT) can do many things. But you may find the need to ask, “How do IoT and integration work so...
Hybrid Integration Platform

Disruption and cooperation go hand-in-hand in innovation

UPDATED 10/31/18 Disruption and innovation are two highly over-used words. I should know, I used them as currency for the longest time. Both words elicit...

Now files are Stored as objects. Really? Extend your MFT

Since the inception of the FTP server, files have lived on file systems that the file transfer server could directly mount. Somewhere along the...
MFT ready

This week in digital business: September 4, 2015

UPDATED 11/9/18 It was an event week in 2015, Axway was busy with many topics in digital business. This week in digital business, Axway’s Mark...
roadmap to a digital business

The IT roadmap to a digital business

UPDATED 11/9/18 In our previous installments on digital business imperative, we discussed why the roadmap to a digital business is at the top of business agendas....

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