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Being Able To See The World Of Connected Devices Around Us

Seeing the impact the Internet makes on our physical world can be very difficult at times. The Internet is a very abstract digital concept that is also invisible, but interestingly has also become ubiquitous in our life. We tend to see the Internet as simply something that exists within our desktop and laptop computers, as well as increasingly on the mobile devices in our pockets. However, the Internet is continuing to spread all around us, connecting our vehicles, homes, signage, kiosks, and many other common elements of our physical world through connected devices. Something that we aren’t always seeing, but for us to be able to maximize its potential, and minimize the downside, we need to be able to better see and understand it. isn’t just about streaming real time data. We are primarily about understanding, and streamlining data, and helping deliver it in a more meaningful way to the web, mobile, and device applications we depend on. In the world of Internet of Things, where devices are connected to the Internet, this might also involve streaming data from these devices, as well as streaming of data to these devices. In order to help us see and understand the data we are increasingly sending and receiving between devices, we are going to need more help in visualizing the raw data, as well as the meaningful events that occur between the connected devices in our life.

One approach to helping visualize, and quantify the meaningful events that are occurring between the connected devices in our life comes out of Iotic Labs in the UK. The creative team over there has developed an environment for devices, where data from these device can be shared or exchanged with any other device, creating new relationships, insights and whole new types of interaction. To help visualize what is happening Iotic Labs provides an explorer which helps you see the many different devices you have connected, and begin to better engage with this new Internet-connected world we are creating for ourselves.

Connected devices on a map by Iotic Labs

Having an environment where we can connect, engage with, and visualize the Internet connectivity that is unfolding around us is important.  You can’t control what you can’t see. You can’t tune into what you don’t understand. Iotic Labs provides us with an environment where this is all possible. Allowing us to register our devices, aggregate the data generated from them, and begin to make sense of the signals and events that are occurring. We like that, here at While we are happy to work with each individual device-based API, we’d much rather have a layer like Iotic Labs in between, helping make sense of everything, and then streaming only the most important data and activity using

We enjoy learning about service like Iotic Labs, and sharing our findings here on the blog. We will keep playing around with their Internet of Things solution, talking with their team, and understanding what the potential might be. Helping individuals, companies, institutions, and government agencies understand how they can better make sense of the connected world unfolding around them, while visualizing the meaningful events and activity that occur, and streaming the most relevant data from this world to the web and mobile applications we depend on each day.

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