An Event Driven Look At The Internet of Things Universe

We are playing around with the Internet of Things platform Iotic Labs, experimenting with what is possible when you add as a layer, and the experience has us thinking about the event driven nature of the Internet of Things (IoT) realm. Iotic provides an environment where any device can share data, where data can be mashed with different sorts of data from others things, where anything can be related to anything else. Providing a rich environment for meaningful real time events to occur, which is what we are all about here at

Iotic Labs allows you to wire up any of your connected devices, and aggregate their API-driven activity. Which then allows them to engage with each other in an environment that allows you to visualize and orchestrate everything that is going on. Imagine the types of events that can be realized, and encouraged within this environment. Individually each of your devices have their own specific events. Your weather sensor provides temperature related events. Your motion sensor provides motion related events. However, in Iotic Labs, all these events coexist, and can be used to initiate entirely new types of events–something that exponentially grows with the number of devices you plug into your Iotic environment.

Event-driven allows us to send the events of each individual device using their APIs–we are happy to do this. However, if we can encourage you to use Iotic Labs, and aggregate, and initiate entirely new types of events, and provide a single place for us to access, and stream all of the most meaningful events that occur across devices–we are even happier. This is where Internet of Things APIs really begin to get exciting for us. Not that the events occurring via each individual device is boring, but it is much like an orchestra, where the single violin is nice to listen to, but a complete orchestra provides a much more compelling event, or set of events. Making what Iotic does, pretty valuable to our customers.

We see web APIs as about defining what digital resources are available. We see event driven APIs as being about what is possible. We see Iotic labs as an enabler who takes the growing number of device-based digital resources out there, and allows you to maximize what is possible, and creating an environment where events thrive. Which is in alignment with our business of being an enabler of helping you tune into, and subscribing to the real time, Internet-enabled events that matter to you the most.  We’ll keep playing with Iotic, and experimenting with what is possible, and sharing stories here on the blog–hopefully lighting up your imagination about what is possible using, as well as using complimentary services like Iotic Labs in your event driven projects.

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