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join Axway for APIdays

Join Axway for APIdays in Paris on December 11-12, 2018

Axway brings great AMPLIFY API Management solutions to its customers worldwide. So, we are very happy to announce that Axway is a proud Silver...
hybrid cloud integration

Hybrid cloud integration platforms, which one is right for you?

When you choose a hybrid cloud integration platform, what key points do you need to know to choose the correct platform? Many things go...
Hybrid cloud provider

Finding the right hybrid cloud provider for your business

Finding the right cloud mix can be a daunting task. Many elements come into play when making the right decision for your company. So,...
Hybrid integration decision guide

Hybrid Integration decision guide: How to choose the best HIP

A hybrid integration decision guide allows you to choose the best hybrid integration platforms for your company. What is the best way to go...
digital era

Hybrid in HIP… warning! That Hybrid part may distract!

It’s important to note that for a HIP (Hybrid Integration Platform), the word Hybrid hinges on multiple dynamics. You will see this in the Gartner definition...
hybrid architecture examples

Hybrid architecture examples and how to build them

There are many examples of hybrid cloud architecture and how to build them. For starters, there’s the private cloud and the public cloud. So,...

What is a hybrid architecture definition?

Out there in the Hybrid Integration Platform world, there are so many technical words batting around these days that it could be quite confusing....
Amazon API Gateway

Key technologies shift costs to drive revenue in digital business

Ensconced in the notion of "digital business" that holds customer experience, there's a rapid shift in focus. This goes from internally focused systems and...

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