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How data unlocks innovation: Axway CEO, Patrick Donovan

“Accelerating the future. Together” may be Axway’s tagline, but as CEO, Patrick Donovan explains, “I’m spending a lot of time thinking about our innovation and how can we innovate faster and lead the market with our offerings?” According to Patrick, it comes down to “two fundamental things.”

Patrick Donovan: Transform core business to be digital

Since all companies want to stay competitive, as well as relevant in today’s fast-moving world, Patrick says “We are changing the core of our business to be digital and we must be an innovator to do that.” Innovation doesn’t just happen overnight. With innovation comes a great responsibility to partners, customers and customer experience. Axway helps to bring about digital innovation with new and compelling products that can move your company to the next level of digital innovation.

Provide the modern tools customers need

As a second fundamental, Patrick states, “We are a technology company that provides the tools that our customers need to transform their business now and in their future.” Patrick reiterates that, as Axway innovates, it also helps empower customers to innovate. “The better job we do,” said Patrick, “the better partner we can be to them.” Read all about Axway’s products here.

What is innovation?

Innovation isn’t just a term that is batted around these days. As Patrick mentions, “It’s about creating a new experience – an exceptional experience. That is why we do it!” At the end of the day, it’s not enough to just have great products and prices anymore. In today’s world, Patrick says, “companies compete on customer experience, the partner experience, the developer experience and even the employee experience.”

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Where do you start?

The real question to ask is where do you start with innovation? You need to understand and better serve your customers, partners, employees and developers using data. “You have data about your customers and what their preferences are, you have data about your partners and how they interact with you,” says Patrick. “You have data from IoT sensors, location data for mobile apps and it’s all growing at an exponential rate.”

Patrick says this data may be trapped in your legacy systems or other hard-to-reach places but the reality is that it’s there. The beauty of Axway is that we can help you securely unlock it. This adds value to your company. But Axway goes one step further! As Patrick states, “We help your company integrate with third-party data, partner data and ecosystem data to deliver better insights and new solutions for exceptional customer experience.”

When all is said and done, Patrick says, “that’s what innovation means to us.” With the hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ from Axway, you can take your company to the next digital transformation level. This is what Axway does!

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