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Google’s Announcements, the Bigger Picture, and What it Means for Developers

Google’s October 4th event showcased Google Home, the Daydream View VR headset, a fresh take on the Wi-Fi router, Chromecast audio streaming and the...

Update on recent Google Security Alerts

In February, a number of Titanium developers received Google Security Alerts for their apps. To learn more about this alert, see our initial blog...

Google Security Alert: Unsafe implementation of the interface X509TrustManager

UPDATE 3/9: Read our latest update on this issue. If you have a Titanium Android app in Google Play, you might receive an email from...
APIs chilling effect

APIs and the chilling effect

Late last month, the Justice Department weighed in on a controversial, yet extremely important topic and source of tech innovation: the ability for organizations...

Correcting a Bug in the Latest Google NDK r8e

In our continuing effort to inform you of ecosystem issues as we encounter them, the latest NDK toolchain update from Google contains a bug....

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