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Event-driven computing

Event-Driven Explainer

Event-driven computing has been around for a while. However, the asynchronous nature of event-driven applications requires that specialized knowledge, craft, and tools used to...

Event-driven vs REST API interactions

APIs are great! That's for sure! But let's take a closer look at what a REST API is. It’s an interaction pattern; the way...

2020 AsyncAPI First Global Conference Recap

AsyncAPI is an initiative for standardizing message-driven APIs. The community has a healthy mix of enterprise, solopreneur/consultants, startups and open source community support. In...
event-driven architecture

A real-time look at event-driven architecture

API Management—and specifically event-driven architecture (EDA)—is a critical piece of a hybrid integration platform (HIP). Event-driven API management continues to gain importance due to...

Are Streaming APIs Event-Driven By Default?

We were working through some of our profiling of common web APIs today, as well as some of Websocket, webhook, a Kafka APIs. Exploring...

Converting Postman collections into OpenAPI definitions

We are creating Postman Collections for each of the APIs we are profiling for inclusion in the Streamdata.io API Gallery. To make sure we...

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