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API Portal 2020 New Features

API Portal 2020 new features

In May 2020, we released the second “smaller” update of AMPLIFY™ API Management within a two-month update cycle conceived under the “One Version” initiative that began earlier this year.

From a product perspective, this specific way of working feels much better in many ways. For starters, it has a smaller scope, lower risk, more frequent releases, healthier customer conversations, and overall a better sense of getting things done and delivered more often.

API Portal 2020 new features

Specifically, for the API Portal in the May update, we had two primary goals:

  1. Proof of concept (POC) integration with the AMPLIFY™ Unified Catalog (UC) driven by the Forrester Wave.
  2. Security improvements: fixes drawn from internal security reviews, penetration tests, and customer enhancement requests (CER).

The first step

The UC integration POC was the first step towards API Portal becoming a client of the UC and adding it as an additional data source alongside API Manager. Target use cases included:

  1. AMPLIFY customers that want a more brandable, customizable and extendable API Developer portal
  2. Existing API Portal customers that want to render APIs that they have published in their Unified Catalog into their current API Developer portal

It is not production quality just yet, so it is not part of the May GA but it is available as a separate Docker container from the support site for evaluation.

Please feel free to send all your thoughts, comments, and feedback to John Owens (jowens@axway.com).

Learn much more about it from this handy demo video below.

In addition to lots of security fixes, we also added a new ability to encrypt the database password that is stored in the configuration.php file. Again, here is a quick demo video of this new feature that is available below.

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