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8 Tips to Speed Up Titanium App Development – Now and in the Future

There are always things that you need to do while developing apps. Things that keep coming back, or things you don’t do often enough....

Create a Custom Android Actionbar in Titanium with Icons and Optional Badges

Ray Belisle is an Appcelerator Titan, Appcelerator Trainer and Developer from Calgary, Canada with 6+ years using Appcelerator. He has been developing and sharing...

Sample App Walkthrough: Corporate Directory App

Appcelerator Studio contains a number of samples for new developers to use as learning tools. The Corporate Directory app showcases cross-platform development, the benefits...

Understanding the Android Material Theme

In Titanium SDK 3.3.0, Appcelerator started using the Android AppCompat library. This native library provided background compatibility for the ActionBar, resulting in a more...
Android Actionbar

Hiding the Android ActionBar

With the introduction of the AppCompat library in SDK 3.3.0, the Android ActionBar is displayed by default. However, there are times when your app's...
Generic Feature

Normalizing Titanium APIs

When you're working with cross-platform apps, you soon realize that there are many user interface metaphors that translate across platforms, such as buttons, text...

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