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Collaborate in Microsoft Office with the Syncplicity by Axway App Tab

Axway App Tab

The pace of today’s collaborative work often requires editing files that are shared among multiple people. But collaborating with others in real-time can create problems. Does someone else have the document open right now? Will my changes get overwritten? Am I looking at the latest version? Learn about the Syncplicity by Axway App Tab here.

Syncplicity by Axway App Tab

There have been several approaches to this problem, including real-time editing within a browser. But the vast majority of Enterprise documents are created and edited in desktop versions of Microsoft Office applications. These applications are the gold standard, and present in nearly every office environment worldwide. So Syncplicity by Axway set out to address the real-time viewing and editing problem directly at the source.

The Syncplicity by Axway App Tab is a collaboration feature that works with desktop versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, from Office 2007 through Office 2016 (included with Office 365). The Syncplicity by Axway App Tab was introduced in the Syncplicity by Axway desktop client version 4.1.0 for Windows. In future releases, we will bring the feature to Mac and mobile clients as well.

When you use Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint to open a file inside a shared folder, the App Tab displays. The App Tab helps you avoid accidental file conflicts when collaborating on shared files, with visible notifications when a file’s status changes. Popup notifications display directly inside Microsoft Office when other people view a file that you are also viewing, when someone else starts editing that file, or when a newer version of that file becomes available.

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Get an entertaining and in-depth tour of the new App Tab in just over seven minutes by watching our Syncplicity by Axway App Tab Video Guide. Amaze your friends! We also created a written guide to Using the Syncplicity by Axway App Tab, if reading is more your thing. Learn more about Syncplicity being a leader in content collaboration in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant here.

Enjoy collaborating with the Syncplicity by Axway App Tab and send us feedback!

Learn more about the Syncplicity by Axway App Tab here.