Axway Managed File Transfer

Axway MFT for IBM zSystems today and beyond

Axway MFT for IBM zSystems today and beyond

A decades-long partnership that is still ongoing.

Axway’s Open Everything strategy is built on a thriving ecosystem of satisfied customers and an extensive network of global partners, embracing innovation for Mainframe-based large systems. As a long-time IBM Silver Partner, Axway success has originated in z/OS environments used by large organizations.

Axway provides the middleware platform for data integration with extended interoperability, monitoring capability, and the ability to process large transaction volumes for many organizations and institutions.

Adopting hybrid cloud is the driving force behind diverse success stories, from ambitious startups to industry-leading enterprises and forward-thinking public sector organizations such as BNP Paribas, who rely on the availability of Axway products on z/OS.

From this perspective, Axway’s support for z/OS is critical for customers who rely on the power of the IBM zSystems for their critical workloads – a solution offering unparalleled security, unmatched scalability, and unwavering reliability for all core application needs.

A best-in-class solution for critical workloads

Within the Axway MFT portfolio, Transfer CFT is developed, maintained, and widely used to secure file transfers for business-critical workloads.

Transfer CFT is more flexible, manageable, scalable, and secure than conventional, application-based file transfer approaches. It is the most advanced mainframe dedicated managed file transfer solution available today.

It provides robust capabilities usually found only in MFT Gateways solutions, enabling organizations to securely transfer and track files between disparate hardware and software platforms without application rewrites.

Customers from different areas (finance, manufacturing, retailers, healthcare, communications) can connect their critical mainframe applications with the rest of their ecosystem regardless of whether those applications are on different networks, on-premises, or in the cloud.

Discover more companies succeeding with Axway MFT in the cloud.

Through integration with one of Axway’s Gateway solutions, those applications can exchange with external partners as well. Transfer CFT provides easy integration with APIs, folder monitoring, and scheduled jobs with those applications.

Transfer CFT also has an internal mechanism that allows file transfer prioritization, bandwidth management, time slot management, transfer restarts, and full platform independence.

As a key platform for Transfer CFT, all new product features and enhancements are natively available on z/OS and Z/Linux. In particular, items related to security, with support of TLS 1.3 and PGP support for encryption, continuous improvement of performances, items related to high availability and scalability to limit any business impact for critical applications during maintenance operations, and items related to operational efficiency aspects: providing intelligent interfaces for facilitating administration, troubleshooting and flow definition.

Modernization and innovation

Axway leverages the IBM zSystems strategy to support customers embracing mainframe application modernization. Axway and IBM are focused on modernizing the way global workloads are deployed, bringing applications closer to the end-users and boasting lightning-fast response times.

Axway is working to help our customers get the most from their IBM zSystems by supporting new z/OS features such as the latest encryption technology and surpassing their security and compliance requirements.

Discover the transformative capabilities of Axway combined with IBM zSystems to bring secure and scalable digital integration solutions to life. Seamlessly navigate the complexities of compliance and facilitate data sharing among multiple systems within healthcare domains, supply chains, public sector, finance and more.

Embrace the modernization journey and embark on a hybrid cloud transformation with the IBM z/OS platform thanks to Axway, where efficiency, reliability, and innovation converge for exceptional results.

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