Axway Managed File Transfer

Is it time to break up with your MFT provider? Here’s how Axway MFT compares to other MFT vendors

Axway MFT vendor comparison

Maybe it came after a major announcement, or perhaps it was one too many missed connections. Either way, you’re not quite sure anymore that your MFT vendor is living up to your expectations. And that’s a problem you can’t afford to have.

Managed File Transfer fuels mission-critical processes around the world. It continues to be an important part of powering supply chains, streamlining government bureaucracies, and facilitating the exchange of information. Here at Axway, we take that mission very seriously: MFT is a strategic, core competency.

That’s not the case for everyone. Some vendors are focusing their energies elsewhere and leaving MFT behind in their focus on the move to the cloud. Modern-day challenges require modern solutions, and that means MFT vendors must continue to evolve to meet those demands.

At Axway, we’ve been building the most advanced MFT solution on the market with user-friendly features that empower your users with intelligent self-service. Here are some signs your current MFT vendor isn’t serving your needs anymore and a look at how Axway MFT can get you excited about MFT all over again.

Red flags in your MFT vendor relationship

Lack of investment

Do you get the sense your current MFT vendor isn’t investing much into B2B and MFT? When was the last time you saw a roadmap that focused on more than just maintenance updates?

Maybe it’s time to take the hint and look a little deeper into your vendor’s focus and commitment to MFT. For consideration, you might try thinking about what you want and need and not what your vendor wants to give you.

Too many parts of the process are being outsourced

Moving to the cloud is no small task, and when your MFT vendor has to outsource managed hosting services to third parties, things get even more complicated. And you can forget about reversibility.

Other MFT vendors may say their solution is cloud-enabled, but sometimes what that really means is that you’re being patched through via connectors or containers into cloud environments. Solutions like these are very restrictive, and they can come with hidden expenses, like needing an expert team on hand to troubleshoot when things inevitably go wrong.

Your total cost of ownership keeps creeping up

Some MFT vendors only offer a single monolithic application you need to buy in full, rather than offering component-level price discounts. Are you paying for bells and whistles that you just don’t need?

Performance isn’t meeting expectations

Everyone has a bad day now and then, but downtime or failed transfers just aren’t acceptable for mission critical MFT. When you are dealing with thousands or even tens of thousands of file transfers a day, failure issues can be extremely painful. You can’t afford to risk losing your customers’ trust when a file never makes it to its destination.

You’re feeling locked in and unheard

Do proprietary protocols, complex setup and maintenance, and rigid contracts make it hard to imagine ever making a change? Meanwhile, maybe you’re concerned about cloud sovereignty as your business expands internationally, and your requests for the ability to localize data are going unheard.

If your monolithic, pre-packaged solution isn’t doing what you need it to do anymore, here is how Axway MFT might be the better answer.

How Axway MFT compares to other MFT solutions

Build for the future from a solid foundation

For Axway, MFT and B2B integrations are a core competency. We’re proud of it, and we have a proven track record with some of the world’s largest organizations. When it comes to a service as foundational as MFT, it’s vital to have a mature partner that understands your business inside and out. Axway continues to invest in R&D for MFT: in fact, we just announced our latest MFT release, our most innovative set of solutions to date.

Axway delivers on the cloud promise with its own resources and ecosystem

Axway offers agnostic MFT solutions that work on-prem or in the cloud – or both, if you’d rather go the hybrid route. Only Axway provides hybrid cloud and full reversibility

With full Managed Services options in the AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud, only Axway provides a true hybrid cloud – not a pieced-together solution – for true openness and flexibility. What’s more, when deploying your MFT solutions in the cloud, you have the option to reverse back on-premises if this is required later in a project. You’re never locked in.

Pay only for what you need

Choose to host your MFT on-premises, in a private or public cloud, or in the Axway Managed Cloud – subscription is flexible with a pay per use model so you can scale when you’re ready.

Industry-leading performance. Truly.

When we say “high availability,” we mean it. Axway MFT boasts the highest SLAs with up to 99,99% availability. We’re willing to put that number out there, because that’s how much confidence we have in our ability to keep your MFT running. And we’ll help you perform updates with zero downtime.

Future-proof features

Finally, what truly sets Axway MFT apart is that it enables intelligent operations. Thanks to predictive analytics, your teams don’t just respond to possible problems or threats: they have a future timeline of expected traffic. Our MFT solution looks at history and captures habits to build a model and alert you before issues arise.

With advanced capabilities, business users are empowered to transfer time-sensitive data when they need it. Instead of having to react to constant demands on their time, your IT teams can preconfigure templates and data flows for business users to help themselves.

Axway MFT’s API-driven approach keeps you prepared for the next evolution in your digital transformation.

Why choose Axway MFT over other MFT vendors?

Well, how important is it for you to have a strategic partner to enable your critical MFT operations for the long haul? And how confident are you in how your move to the cloud is going right now?

Axway will always stand out as a pure player on B2B integration with MFT. We continue to innovate and invest in the future. Because of our vision, “open everything” allows us to deliver fully managed enterprise-grade solutions for any customer environment and industry, regardless of its IT infrastructure.

Axway MFT has a proven track record, delivering fully outsourced solutions on both single-tenant and multi-tenant cloud infrastructure for hundreds of customers. Let us be your strategic partner for MFT – both now and in the future. You deserve better.

Discover Axway’s intelligent approach to detecting and preventing MFT issues before they happen.