Axway Managed File Transfer Amplify Integration

Axway Intelligent MFT: Simplify B2B file transfer integration

Axway Intelligent MFT: Simplify B2B file transfer integration

Connectivity has always been a key component of B2B file transfer, or managed file transfer (MFT). It’s how IT teams transform business data and documents into a secure file that can be digitally transported to other businesses by integrating with – and connecting to – applications on the receiving end.

In the past, these kinds of integrations relied on manual processes. But when you consider the evolution and explosion of new applications — and the effect it has on B2B file transfer volumes — the status quo is no longer enough. As MFT volumes surge, and with no signs of slowing down, IT teams have sought an easier way to create, change, and manage complex integration patterns.

Axway Intelligent MFT is a solution designed to do just that.

Axway Intelligent MFT — Streamlining integrations in a visual manner

Traditional MFT integrations involve a lot of code and an expert understanding of IT processes. Axway Intelligent MFT, on the other hand, simplifies things by offering a visual programming tool that uses a set of connectors to make MFT integrations more intuitive.

Since an understanding of specific programming languages isn’t required, both technical – and non-technical – users can integrate and exchange file data. They can also extend integration patterns to streamline their MFT efforts.

It’s what makes Axway Intelligent MFT, well… intelligent.



The value of Axway Intelligent MFT emanates from four key factors:

  • It’s a cloud-native platform built with the latest technologies in mind
  • It’s built to support any kind of connection — anywhere, anytime
  • It’s not designed for any one type of integration platform or pattern
  • It’s an agnostic platform that anyone can connect to and use

A real-world example: translating XML input into JSON format

Let’s say IT receives an XML input file that they need to translate into a JSON format so people can use that data downstream. File formats are constantly changing and, as I noted in a recent webinar, these dynamics make enhancing the B2B file transfer process critical.

That’s why MFT needs to play well within the enterprise ecosystem – where translating data in different formats and protocols can make it complex to handle.

Axway Intelligent MFT features out-of-the-box connectors that simplify this translation. The system picks up B2B files and routes them to the MFT platform, where they are mapped and translated before transfer. The mapping process is quite simple. Developers can map the entire object during the translation or select the specific attributes they want to transfer. The latter helps reduce the file size.

In addition to removing manual steps in the integration process, Axway Intelligent MFT simplifies monitoring file transfers. It gives stakeholders a 360-degree view of how data flows into the network and connected apps, while providing visibility into the entire ecosystem to create new revenue-generating offers from existing systems.

A B2B file transfer tool that benefits developers and users alike

Axway Intelligent MFT makes the duties of IT integrators easier. They don’t have to spend time plugging in lines of code or manage the batching and security of these MFT integrations, among other variables. Plus, with the cost of data breaches increasing by 12.5% amid the rapid growth of ransomware and other destructive cyberattacks, security is prioritized.

The advantages extend to business users, too. With an intuitive user interface, Axway Intelligent MFT makes it easy for non-technical users to build their own MFT integrations, simplifying onboarding and reducing time to value.

Axway Intelligent MFT is helping shape the future of MFT

At Axway, we understand the need to automate and extend MFT integration capabilities to meet modern demands. Axway Intelligent MFT gets it done. By combining our core MFT capabilities with our record of providing a proven integration platform, Axway makes it easier for IT teams to build and manage integrations, while passing these advantages along to business users.

It’s MFT automation that powers your digital transformation and future-enables your business for continued growth. An intelligent choice.

Discover the power of Axway Intelligent MFT in this 30-minute demo. Watch it here.

Key Takeaways

  • Axway Intelligent MFT simplifies B2B file transfer integrations by offering a visual programming tool with pre-built connectors, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users.
  • Axway Intelligent MFT stands out due to its cloud-native architecture, supporting connections from anywhere, anytime, and not being restricted to any specific integration platform or pattern.
  • With built-in features for translation, mapping, and data transfer, Axway Intelligent MFT reduces the risk of manual errors and provides stakeholders a 360-degree view of data flows, contributing to a more efficient and secure B2B file transfer process.