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Moving B2B/EDI to the Cloud-live interview


Have you been searching for a cloud-based solution to propel your company to the next business level? Look no more! Join Axway’s JB Bentz and Theresa Gosko for our live webinar on “Moving B2B/EDI to the Cloud” on April 25th from 10 am PDT.


What you will discover is a mountain of knowledge to help your company along the way in your cloud journey. Further, you will gain insights from our live interview with Lattice Semiconductor CIO, Tim Meier, about their path from an old on-premises EDI/EDI platform to a more unified system. With cost-effective B2B Cloud solutions, you have yet another incentive to get on board.

Nowadays, B2B/EDI integration is a mainstay in business processes. Yet, because of a real lack of available resources and shared insights with colleagues, many companies are still struggling to manage their platforms for a positive outcome. Thanks to this webinar, you will learn about Axway’s B2Bi Cloud solution, along with a further understanding of how it B2B/EDI cloud solutions work towards digital transformation.

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Solution value

This solution enabled Lattice Semiconductor, a global leader in smart connectivity solutions, to uncover immense value for their business. That value includes:

  • A lower headcount and infrastructure investment with a cloud solution
  • Creating an EDI onboarding program to quickly onboard new trading partners
  • End-to-end visibility using Sentinel/B2Bi, since their legacy solution lacked

Be sure to join our webinar as Tim Meier discusses transferring from their current on-premises B2B solution to Axway’s B2Bi Cloud solution. With Axway’s B2Bi Cloud managed service, you will learn more in-depth reasons why changing your solution can help enable your company to achieve its business objectives for the future. A win-win for all!

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