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Axway in AWS Marketplace: streamline software procurement to securely share data with your business partners

Axway in AWS Marketplace: streamline software procurement to securely share Data with your Business partners

Axway’s API-driven B2B integration and MFT software, refined over 20 years, complements Axway Amplify, an open API management platform that makes APIs easier to discover and reuse across multiple teams, vendors, and cloud environments. Did you know that Axway’s world-class solutions are also available in AWS Marketplace?

Our aim is to enable enterprises to securely open everything by integrating and moving data across a complex world of new and old technologies. That also means organizations need the flexibility to do business in a way that makes sense to them. In the larger context of a shift from CapEx to OpEx, IT is largely moving toward a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

We often hear from our customers that they need more simplicity: they’d rather deal with just one vendor rather than managing multiple contracts and onboarding processes. Offering our solutions and services on the AWS Marketplace allows us to give them that streamlined experience in a trusted environment.

How does the AWS Marketplace work?

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions and run their businesses.

Axway’s industry-leading Amplify API Management platform, Managed File Transfer, and B2B Integration platform (B2Bi) are all available in AWS Marketplace, as well as our Professional Services. We help organizations throughout the ongoing digital transformation process, whether you’re embarking on a ground-to-cloud shift or need a business health check. Start with a project, build onto a program, and finally expand into a platform.

With a SaaS delivery model, AWS Marketplace Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) host and operate the application over the Internet for you. When you engage with Axway via the AWS Marketplace, you can streamline solution onboarding and benefit from peace of mind as we manage the solution’s security, availability, and performance so you can keep your SLAs.

Axway is an Advanced Technology Partner with AWS and can offer additional layers of competence and security: as an AWS PrivateLink vendor, we help customers simplify the security of data stored in the cloud.

And with dual AWS Competency designations for Healthcare and Life Sciences, Axway has demonstrated success in building solutions for healthcare payers and providers that securely store, process, transmit, and analyze clinical information.

Axway also has demonstrated success in solutions that help pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and genomics companies accelerate scientific discovery, enable operational efficiency, and simplify global collaboration. For example, Axway’s controlled substance ordering systems are trusted by the Fortune 100 to secure and scale sensitive orders on an open platform.

Finally, as an inaugural member of the AWS ISV Accelerate program, Axway continues to build on its elite technology alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS), demonstrating successful integration with AWS services so that our AWS customers can evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale, and with varying levels of complexity.

Benefits of purchasing Axway through AWS Marketplace

Why get your enterprise software from the AWS Marketplace? Here are a few reasons IT decision-makers prefer to purchase software in a centralized location.

Simplify your procurement process

As mentioned earlier, procurement can be quite a process. Many IT managers that are already engaged with AWS are finding it much simpler to go directly through the procurement process of the AWS Marketplace to purchase third party solutions.

Customers can engage a private offer directly with Axway, negotiating customized terms and pricing to procure software using their existing billing mechanisms with AWS.

Flexible licensing, consolidated costs

The flexibility of licensing through AWS Marketplace is that customers can step into commitments on a pre-determined timeline. What’s more, because you pay directly to AWS, costs are consolidated and each vendor is a line item on a single AWS bill, saving the time spent on processing invoices.

Stretch your AWS dollars further

If you have a minimum spend commitment with AWS, purchasing Axway software through the AWS Marketplace can help fulfill those commitments and allows you to recoup at-risk budget.

Streamline connectivity and ensure compliance

Axway’s open approach to integration means our Amplify API Management Platform handles AWS Gateway – and any third-party gateway – and supports all internal and external digital teams. The Amplify SaaS management plane connects to diverse data planes wherever APIs are deployed for better collaboration and security.

Axway uses AWS services to instantiate secure and scalable digital integration solutions that provide compliance services for customers using all our solutions. The AWS Digital Integration platform is used to deliver facilitated data sharing between multiple parties in a healthcare community or supply chain.

Customers succeeding with Axway on AWS

Headquartered in France, the global ENGIE Group provides innovative low-carbon energy and services. With 160,000 employees and 24 million customers worldwide, the company generated revenues of 60.6 billion Euros from 103 GW of installed capacity in 2018.

With the Axway Amplify API management platform, Engie created a portal on the AWS cloud that makes it faster to build and deploy data-sharing applications. The global energy giant now provides a standard group-wide platform for building and managing APIs, enabling innovative data-driven services. One major result was getting to 3x fewer data requests to external suppliers, resulting in decreased overall costs.

A leading manufacturer in the plastics processing industry, Pöppelmann wanted to future-proof its B2B integration capabilities while boosting the cost-effectiveness of delivering services. The enterprise moved its on-premises EDI platform to the Axway B2B Cloud Managed Service on AWS.

By partnering with Axway, Pöppelmann has achieved a smooth transition to the latest EDIFACT and OFTP2 standards—helping to ensure the company can communicate with its trading partners 24/7.

“The greatest business benefit of Axway B2B is the overall package of technology, reliability, and professionalism, both internally and externally,” says Peter Kellermann, Lead on EDI at Pöppelmann. “All our EDI processes run reliably and error-free. We made the right choice choosing Axway.”

BPIfrance, France’s public investment bank, helped the French economy weather the Covid-19 storm through the ultra-fast setup of a state-guaranteed loan scheme.

As part of a broader strategic move to adopt agile enterprise practices and a cloud-first philosophy, the organization decided to replace its previous Financial Exchange Platform with Axway MFT in an AWS Managed Cloud. Results include:

  • Guaranteed high availability on a secure managed platform
  • Practically unlimited scalability on the AWS cloud managed by Axway
  • Simplified management that puts the business in control.

We’ve been listening to what our customers need and want. With Axway in AWS Marketplace, you can enjoy the flexibility to run your business the way you see fit. Spend less time onboarding new vendors, make every dollar count, and adopt a more modern approach to software procurement as you gain the agility to respond faster to a changing market with Axway.

Discover Axway’s API management, MFT, and B2B integration solutions in AWS Marketplace.