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We find ourselves doing a lot more API workshops lately. We did one in London last week, we have one in Paris next week, and multiple cities in the United States in May. These workshops are all private events, being conducted within enterprise organizations. These API workshops are intended to help educate different groups within these organizations about the world of APIs, and build a case for why they should be investing in APIs across their organizations, by bringing in outside API knowledge to help plant API seeds, and help APIs grow internally, with partners, and the public.

At we understand that not everyone is as far along in their API journey as we’d like, and may not be ready for our services. This is why we’ve begun investing in conducting workshops within companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies. While each workshop might vary a bit, they have some of the same components, reflecting what organizations are needing to kick their API programs into higher gear. Here are a few of the things we are presenting on as part of our workshops: API WorkshopsIntroduction to APIs – Starting with the basics, and making sure everyone is up to speed on what APIs are all about, making sure we do not leave anyone behind.
History of APIs – Walking through the history of APIs back to 1999, and work our way up to 2018, learning how APIs have changed how we do business on and offline.
Business of APIs – Talking about why everyone is doing APIs and how APIs are not just generating revenue but also generating value across organizations.
The API Lifecycle – Taking a stroll through the API lifecycle, and learning about how APIs evolve from design to deprecation, and every stop along the way.
Event-Driven APIs – Understanding how APIs have matured, becoming more real-time, and event-driven along the way, making information delivery more efficient across the organizations.
API Governance – Understanding how organizations are providing guidance across their API development groups, then measuring to ensure consistent delivery of APIs across groups.

These workshops are usually full day, but are sometimes half days, with additional QA, or one-on-one sessions where we help different groups think through their projects and provide them relevant feedback based upon what we are seeing across the API space. While some of the content will be technical, we tend to keep things pretty high level and encourage business groups to attend, helping make sure everyone within an organization becomes up to speed on this whole API thing. Which is essential to helping make sure organizations can get their API efforts going on the right foot, and not leaving business groups behind.

We have just added a number of events to our calendar for May, and are hold conversations about the end of May, and going into the summer. If your organization is in need of assistance in your API journey let us know. We are happy to see if we can set up a workshop for you within your organization. We also are happy to conduct API workshops in New York and bring your team to us. Each API workshop will take some time to arrange and make happen, so if you are wanting to get something on the calendar, we should get started right away. Drop us a line, and let us know what you are thinking, and we’ll see when we can get started. API Gallery Workshops


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