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The Twitter Handles For The Entities We Are Tracking In The API Gallery

As we build out the API Gallery, we are discovering new ways of making the data available so it is more useful. When we are telling stories about the different API providers we’ve included in the gallery, we are always Tweeting out the story, and we prefer to cite the Twitter handle of any companies we are showcasing as part of the experience. To help us do this efficiently, we thought it would be handy to have a list of just Twitter handles in the API Gallery for reference.

To help make it easier, we published a list of any API provider who we have profiled as part of the API Gallery so far, who has a Twitter handle available. Here are the list Twitter handles we have listed so far:

→ API Science (@APIScience)
→ APImetrics (@apimetricstats)
→ ARIN (@TeamARIN)
→ AXA Assistance (@AXA_Assistance)
→ Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) URL (@amphtml)
→ Akamai (@Akamai)
→ Allied Irish Bank (@AIBGB)
→ Amadeus (@amadeusinnov)
→ AngelList (@angellist)
→ BMC Software (@bmcsoftware)
→ Bank of Ireland (@talktoBOI)
→ Bank of Scotland (@AskBankOfScot)
→ BetterDoctor (@betterdoctor)
→ Bitbucket (@bitbucket)
→ Blockchain Info (@blockchain)
→ Blogger (@Blogger)
→ Box (@BoxPlatform)
→ Capital One DevExchange (@CapitalOneDevEx)
→ CircleCI (@circleci)
→ CloudFlare (@CloudFlare)
→ DNS Check (@dns_check)
→ Data.Gov (@usdatagov)
→ DataDog (@datadoghq)
→ Disqus (@disqus)
→ Dyn (@Dyn)
→ Eventbrite (@EventbriteAPI)
→ Expedia (@ExpediaEAN)
→ Facebook (@facebook)
→ FedBizOpps (FBOpen) (@fbopen)
→ Firebase (@firebase)
→ First Trust Bank (@firsttrustbank)
→ Flickr (@flickr)
→ (@freesounddev?lang=en)
→ G Suite (@gsuitedevs)
→ Getty Images (@GettyImages)
→ Giphy (@giphy)
→ GitHub (@github)
→ Gmail (@gmail)
→ Go.USA.Gov (@gousagov)
→ Google Adsense (@AdSense)
→ Google Analytics (@googleanalytics)
→ Google Custom Search (@googlecse)
→ Google Fonts (@googlefonts)
→ Google Play (@GooglePlay)
→ Heroku (@HerokuDevCenter)Twitter Handles In The API Gallery
→ IEX (@IEX)
→ Instagram (@instagram)
→ Intrinio (@intrinio)
→ Knoema (@knoema)
→ LinkedIn (@LinkedIn)
→ Lyft (@lyft)
→ Lykke (@lykke)
→ MasterCard (@MasterCardDev)
→ Medium (@Medium)
→ Meetup (@MeetupAPI)
→ Microsoft Office 365 (@OfficeDev)
→ NPR (@NPRTechTeam)
→ NPR (@NPR)
→ NatWest (@natwest_help)
→ New Relic (@NewRelic)
→ News API (@NewsAPIorg)
→ Nordea (@NordeaAPI)
→ OpenDNS (@OpenDNS)
→ PagerDuty (@pagerduty)
→ ParallelDots (@ParallelDots)
→ PayPal (@paypal)
→ Pinboard (@pinboard)
→ Pingometer (@pingometer)
→ Plivo (@#!/plivo)
→ Postmark (@postmarkapp)
→ Quandl (@quandl)
→ Rackspace (@rackspace)
→ Reddit (@reddit)
→ Runscope (@Runscope)
→ Salesforce (@salesforcedevs)
→ Santander Bank (@santanderbankUS)
→ SendGrid (@SendGrid)
→ Slack (@slackapi)Twitter Handles In The API Galler
→ SmartBear Software (@smartbear)
→ SoundCloud (@soundcloudapi)
→ SpectroCoin (@spectrocoin)
→ Spotify (@spotify)
→ Spotify (@SpotifyPlatform)
→ (@statuspageio)
→ StockTwits (@stocktwits)
→ Stride (@atlassianstride)
→ Stripe (@stripe)
→ Sustainable Facilities Tool API (@sftool)
→ The Guardian (@gdndevelopers)
→ The Guardian (@GuardianData)
→ Twilio (@twilio)
→ Twitter (@twittereng/)
→ Twitter (@twitterapi/)
→ Tyk (@tyk_io)
→ Uber (@uber_api)
→ Uber (@UberPubPolicy)
→ Ulster Bank (@ulsterbank_help)
→ VersaPay (@VersaPay)
→ Weather Underground (@weatherapi)
→ Weatherbit (@weatherbitio)
→ Wikipedia (@wikipedia)
→ Xignite (@xignite)
→ Yammer (@yammer)
→ YouTube (@YouTubeDev)
→ Zerigo (@zerigo)
→ eBay (@ebaydev)

We have a number of other API providers who have Twitter accounts, but we haven’t fully profiled their APIs yet, so until they have one or more paths profiled, they won’t show up here. The API Gallery is powered by OpenAPI specifications, so if an API has been profiled using an APIs.json, but hasn’t been profiled using OpenAPI they aren’t considered an active part of the gallery yet, and won’t show up on this list until that first API is added.

We haven’t added the Twitter handles to the main navigation yet, so check back regularly here to see what gets updated. We are about to add a bunch of other API providers to the gallery now that we have it up, expanding the number of relevant API providers to the stack. Once we have 500+ Twitter handles we will turn on some streams via the Twitter API and to see what information we can mine from these API providers’ social stream.

Twitter Handles In The API Gallery

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