You Can Find At Four Events This Week In Washington DC and San Francisco

We are hitting the road this week, making the rounds at events in Washington D.C. and San Francisco talking about the API lifecycle, as well as API trends, which will include event-driven architecture and streaming. We’ve been heads down focusing on the API Gallery, and the roadmap for, but we also understand the importance of being out on road, talking with folks, and understanding what is going on with government and enterprise, as well as startups.

You will find us at four separate events this week, two of which are in Washington D.C. early this week, with two more events in San Francisco, CA the second half of the week:

DevNation Federal in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, June 5th
DC API User Group in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, June 5th
– APIMATIC Evening With API Evangelists in San Francisco, CA on Wednesday, June 6th
– Postman Conference in San Francisco, CA on Thursday, June 7th

That gives you four separate opportunities to connect with us on each coast. In Washington D.C. we will be talking about APIs in the federal government, but out in San Francisco, we will be talking about more mainstream approaches to doing APIs within the startup and the enterprise. Depending on which coast you are on, and what your interests are, you can decide which event you want to connect with us at.

If you want a private meeting to discuss event-driven architecture, streaming APIs, and what offers, feel free to let us know. We are happy to make time at the event, or shortly after each event. We have limited time in each city, but we are happy to connect and discuss the API space, and what your needs are. We look forward to seeing you in Washington or San Francisco, and hearing more about what you are up to, and share our stories about what we are seeing unfold across the API landscape.

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