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Four PagerDuty APIs To Deliver Streaming Ops

Now that the API Gallery has been up, and is being added to each week, we wanted to begin showcasing some of the interesting opportunities for streaming data. After profiling each entry into the gallery we work to benchmark and identify the APIs that have the highest rate of change. We will be working through many different types of APIs, and today we wanted to highlight the operational side of running a website, application, as well as an API, by showcasing PagerDuty and the PagerDuty APIs that are good candidates for streaming.

PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for businesses. We empower DevOps, IT operations, support, security, and business leaders to turn any signal into insight and real-time action across any operational use case. When revenue and brand reputation depend on customer satisfaction, PagerDuty helps teams prevent and resolve business-impacting incidents and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

We’ve identified four separate API Paths as having a high StreamRank potential:

List incidents (GET) – List existing incidents
List log entries (GET) – List all of the incident log entries across the entire account
List notifications (GET) – List notifications for a given time range, optionally filtered by type (sms_notification, email_notification, phone_notification, or push_notification)
List services (GET) – List existing services

Of course, the activity levels of these API paths will vary from account to account, which is why we’ve dubbed PagerDuty as having a “variable StreamRank”. If you are a PagerDuty customer or are looking for a platform that can provide monitoring services that you could stream, then PagerDuty might be an option.

We find operational platforms like PagerDuty are an untapped space when it comes to delivering real-time streams. Most platforms haven’t fully fleshed out what their operational APIs are, haven’t fully integrated with them, and are unlikely to be streaming the data into dashboards, and training machine learning models. We will keep profiling different operational APIs we’ve profiled and identified to have a high potential for streaming, painting a clearer picture of where the real-time opportunities are across the API landscape.

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