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Expert advice for open banking in North America – a Q&A video series

What is the Business Value of Open Banking for Financial Institutions?

Between regulatory moves in Canada and the United States and market dynamics that have been underway for several years now, North America is moving closer to open banking adoption. One promise of open banking is that anyone, from large banks to regional credit unions or fintechs, can participate in this open ecosystem on even footing.

So, how do you get there?

In our What’s Next series on open banking, we offer a series of bite-sized Q&A videos with Laurent Van Huffel, SVP Financial Services & Open Banking North America, Karen Holmes, Financial Services Industry Marketing Director, and Laura Heritage, Banking and Financial Services Director at Axway.

These industry experts answer frequently asked questions about open banking and insights on making it a success for financial institutions.

What is the problem with screen scraping?



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What is the business value of open banking for financial institutions?



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Is it better to buy or build an open banking solution?



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How can I drive better adoption of my open banking APIs?



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We hope these FAQ videos give you some additional confidence to take the next step in your open banking strategy. And we’re here to help you along the way.

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