Amplify Platform

Faster integration. Faster innovation. Axway AMPLIFY platform update

Today marks a milestone in the journey of Axway’s hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY(TM). This release is the result of hard work by the whole company for over five months. The challenge was issued by senior management to give our platform the capabilities to lead in the hybrid integration platform space.

As demonstrated by our CTO Vince Padua from the stage today at the IMAGINE customer conference, Axway has responded, by:

  • Creating a unified catalog that can serve as a discovery point for a whole new class of integrator
  • Integrating API Central (now known as AMPLIFY Central, part of AMPLIFY API Management) into the AMPLIFY platform for governance, security and control of APIs across environments and private and public clouds. Easily managed with pre-configured dashboards.
  • Leveraging API Builder to assemble APIs, models and connectors to access data with speed, and deploy and manage in the AMPLIFY public cloud container platform.
  • Introducing Integration Builder, a new iPaaS capability that offers 150+ pre-built cloud connectors across 17 different categories of service, accelerating integration projects by easily authenticating and orchestrating the most popular SaaS applications on the market
  • Launching a new solution package, AMPLIFY Application Integration that provides subscription pricing for catalog, central, builder and integration builder (highlighted above)
  • Updating platform foundational services to include single-sign-on (SSO) for all Axway solutions on the platform, and simplified onboarding and extended user journeys.

Simplifying the user’s experience

So, What?

You might be thinking “An impressive list of stuff, but what does that mean for me?” Glad you asked! This means you can now increase the speed in building and deploying the critical integrations that power your digital initiatives. Sure, you will need organizational changes. Traditional IT integration specialists can now focus on producing API based integrations that can be published and used as services. Others (new ad-hoc integrators, application teams, partner communities) can then discover and consume these as they build new applications and innovations.

You may have started down this journey with API management, iPaaS, “API first” and other agile development methodologies. The key to success will not be how many tools you have, but how you can bring the Integration silos in your organization together through a common, secure platform. This involves including traditional integration patterns like files, transactions and messages that are still used with the existing systems of record, new data and new third-party applications and data.

Unifying integration service delivery will lower IT cost, bring more end-points under management, and enable non-IT resources to more easily accomplish innovation. New cloud-based applications can be integrated with existing legacy systems in hours, not days or months.

What is possible?

If you were not able to join us at IMAGINE Americas this week, you can come to see the platform in action at IMAGINE Europe. At both summits, we presented live demos of:

  • AMPLIFY Application Integration Leads-to-cash demo – This demo showcases how our new application integration solution can speed and simplify connections between applications like SalesForce, Marketo, Slack, web-forms, and on-premises databases. It has three sub-parts for Cloud-to-Cloud, Ground-to-Cloud and Cloud to Ground scenarios, that show the value in extending legacy applications and processes with new innovations and ecosystems.
  • AMPLIFY API Management- HIP enabled Insurance Claims Innovation – This demo follows the journey to innovate the insurance claim process through integrating a mobile application, picture uploading, securing multiple quotes from a connected partner network to delight the customer. It highlights the benefits of creatively combining endpoints, consumers and ecosystems for innovation and cost reduction.
  • AMPLIFY Content Collaboration – HIP enabled PO process – Through utilizing the new Application Integration connector to Syncplicity, this demo shows how an organization can optimize a SalesForce process by automatically sending a price quote via Syncplicity when the rep changes a sales status. The integration with Slack then shows how a rep can be notified when the client opens and/or signs the quote to speed the order processing phase of the sales cycle.
  • AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer – HIP enabled Service Enrollment – Highlighting how to streamline an existing process and reduce manual errors, this demo shows how AMPLIFY Flow Central interacts with the AMPLIFY catalog to greatly enhance the technical service enrollment for non-technical resources.
  • AMPLIFY B2B Integration – HIP enabled Partner Onboarding – This is the demo for our new Business Partner Engagement offering that highlights how to speed onboarding, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction through flow pattern reuse.

Want to learn more, help us continue to push the platform forward, or be the first to try the new capabilities for yourself? Visit our sign-up page and leave us your e-mail.