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API Management platform drives digital transformation in energy sector

digital transformation of the energy sector

Digital transformation of the energy sector is all about improving processes that help better manage energy consumption. The advent of the cloud, social technology, big data and analytics, and APIs everywhere are driving a number of technology trends that have immense potential for the energy industry.

Cloud computing is improving business agility, with an unparalleled time to market advantage. Big data is helping companies innovate with the capability to analyze large quantities of both structured and unstructured data which generates insights in real-time.

Mobile is enabling new business scenarios, while social channels are transforming the ability to connect with customers quickly, directly, and cost-effectively. With the emergence of the Internet of Things, the volume of data that electricity companies can access–through the car, connected home, wearables, and smart cities–will increase exponentially.

What does the API Management platform bring to these emerging technologies supporting the digital transformation of the energy sector?

ENGIE Group, leading energy provider in the world, places responsible growth at the heart of its businesses (electricity, natural gas, energy services) to meet the major challenges of the energy transition towards a low-carbon economy. A low-carbon economy can access to sustainable energy, mitigation, and adaptation to climate change and rational use of resources.

The Group develops high-performance and innovative API-driven solutions for individuals, cities, and businesses, drawing in particular on its expertise in four key sectors: renewable energies, energy efficiency, liquified natural gas, and digital technologies.

Energy data (quantities, power, the location of consumption, the share of renewable energies, etc.) enables the company to build personalized services adapted to customer expectations. It takes on the challenge of the energy transition, which is accelerating thanks to advances in energy production technologies through its three businesses: electricity, natural gas, and energy services. ENGIE chose Axway, an international software vendor to drive an API-first strategy within the Group. Using Axway API Management solution, the company was able to:

  • Develop numerous APIs and integrate existing APIs on a single platform.
  • Accelerate the development of APIs and ensure their constant availability.
  • Open their API Gateway to businesses and developers.

Watch this video and learn more about ENGIE’s digital transformation of the energy sector.