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Digital platform for innovation: Achieving digital transformation

digital transformation

UPDATED 10/31/18

Back in 2016, The Gartner AADI (Application Architecture, Development & Integration) Summit came together to present their focus of “Empowering Innovation, Leading Transformation.” The topics covered included API strategies, business analytics and how to design powerful user experiences.

Each year, the event is an opportunity for architects at leading organizations to connect and discuss the latest trends in application and systems design. This is a great networking opportunity.

A key part of a digital platform

A key part of embracing digital is to design a Digital Platform. This platform is what enables Digital Engagement, by underpinning new user experiences across many channels. Underpinning this layer is the Digital Foundation layer, which is enabled by APIs. Increasingly, those APIs follow a microservices framework.

At my talk at AADI, I spoke about how to architect a digital platform. I peeled back the layers of a typical Digital Platform. From the fast-changing UX layer to the API layer, as well as a microservices framework. We saw how leading organizations have deployed Digital Platforms, enabling them to innovate to meet customer expectations.

Digital transformation definition

Digital transformation is the way to move a company forward. According to Wikipedia, “Digital Transformation (DT) is not necessarily about digital technology, but about the fact that technology, which is digital, allows people to solve their traditional problems. And they prefer this digital solution to the old solution. The transformation stage means that digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity in a particular domain, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods.”

Without digital transformation, a company is stagnant and can’t compete in today’s fast-moving world. It’s important to get on the digital transformation platform bandwagon and move with the times. New technologies and systems are being developed daily. Stay in the know and move with the digital transformation.

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