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Want to gain digital momentum without losing control?

digital era

Remember life before little tech start-ups like Amazon, Google and Facebook came along and changed everything? They put power in the hands of tech-savvy consumers. This forever transformed how businesses and individuals find, evaluate, compare, purchase, and use products and services.

Today we see history repeating itself. As a new generation of tech companies again rewires the flow of communication, collaboration, and commerce. This time for the API-driven economy. They are architecting new services delivered through beautiful user-friendly apps. They are monetizing social, location, sensor, and public data exposed through APIs. And they are giving their established peers a serious run for their money.

Unwittingly, these startups are mapping out the massive market opportunity for traditional enterprises that are agile enough to act like startups. This explains why large companies expect to generate 28% of total revenues from digital technologies, products, and services in the next three years (up from 16% in 2015) [1].

To survive digital disruption, you need momentum! This means mastering the full AMPLIFY PI lifecycle.

Digital momentum

APIs, microservices architectures, and great developers are the “oomph” behind gaining digital momentum. But we all understand the importance of continuing to enforce corporate security and policy, even when moving at warp speed. To survive digital disruption, every organization in every industry will have to pick up the pace of innovation without losing control. That means mastering the full API lifecycle:


api management plus

Complete AMPLIFY API lifecycle management is the only way to bridge the chasm. This is between development teams focused on iterating fast, and security and integration architects focused on compliance and efficiency. Once you master it, you will be able to immediately start building a momentum based on:

  1. Innovation: You can deliver better apps and experiences by engaging with ecosystems of in-house and external developers and partners to expand the business frontier.
  2. Corporate security and policy: While failing to innovate can be a slow death, a major breach can kill instantly. Controlling APIs and microservices is do-or-die.
  3. Alignment with DevOps: When all involved personas can collaborate and coordinate, your digital team can move rapidly from build to production, to scale and iterate through this cycle frequently based on feedback loops and analytics.
  4. A thriving ecosystem: Making it easy to discover and consume your APIs and microservices will foster internal and external group contributions, creativity, and value.

Axway can help. Introducing Axway API Management Plus!

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Axway API Management Plus, a new solution that combines model-driven tools for creating APIs and microservices, enterprise-class API control and policy enforcement, and easy ways to discover and consume APIs that power rich, omnichannel digital experiences. Plus, analytics are available for measuring what matters at every stage.

API Management

Axway API Management plus gives lines of business, API developers, security architects, and integration teams what they need to work together to deliver secure, well-managed APIs, and microservices are quicker. This allows you to build momentum for digital initiatives, including developing richer mobile applications and exposing business processes faster to customers and partners.

To learn more about how Axway can help you gain digital momentum without losing control, click here.

[1] Accenture, Harnessing the Power of Entrepreneurs to Open Innovation, 2015