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Opportunities To Stream Data From Continuous Delivery Tool Integrations

We are working to profile the top continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD) solutions available out there. We see continuous delivery solutions as a wealth of data for potentially streaming in real-time using Server-Sent Events (SSE). Opening up CI/CD teams and pipelines to more real-time data available via web and mobile dashboards as well being able to train machine learning models using the exhaust from daily workflows, and software delivery and integration pipelines.

As we were looking for examples of which CI/CD providers, we came across Google’s page of solutions they provide as part of the Google Cloud platform, as well as Kubernetes. We thought this would be a great place to start profiling the CI/CD landscape:

Container BuilderRun your container image builds in a fast, consistent, and reliable environment.

CircleCIAutomated build, test & deployment for public & private projects.

CodefreshSpeedy Docker-native CI/CD with an embedded registry and one-click code previews.

CodeshipContinuous integration & delivery as a service.

DroneAn open source Continuous Integration server built on Docker.

JenkinsAn award-winning, cross-platform, continuous integration and continuous delivery application.

SemaphoreHosted continuous integration and continuous delivery solution with Docker, GitHub, and Slack integrations.

ShippableFrictionless Dockerized pipelines with continuous integration, automated functional testing, and deployment to any cloud provider.

Solano CI – Fast continuous integration and deployment with unlimited auto-parallelization.

SpinnakerAn open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence.

TeamCityBuild management and intelligent continuous integration solution developed by JetBrains.

WerckerRun your pipelines with Wercker’s CLI, collaborate and deploy on the web and get notified on the desktop of failed builds and deploys.

We are profiling each of these providers, documenting what they deliver, and profiling any API integration opportunities available. As we do the work we wanted to share with our audience here on the blog. As these are the tools companies are using to deliver web, mobile, and device applications, but also managing the increasing number of API integrations the average company, organization, institution, and government agencies have to deal with to operate on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for more stories on a variety of these providers. As we document their APIs, and the use cases they bring to the table we will be publishing more stories here on the blog.

If you have specific data acquisition, aggregation, or streaming needs from your CI/CD pipeline, we’d love to hear from you. We are pulling together a list of stories, and scenarios for streaming from CI/CD pipelines, to help paint a picture of what is possible. We’d love to showcase your groups story.

Stream Data from Continuous Delivery Tool

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