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Learning More About Business Intelligence Using The Clearbit API

Adding the Clearbit API to API Gallery™ gave us some good insight into business intelligence that we wanted to share.

To add a company, organization, institution, or government agency to the API Gallery, you must have an APIs.json and OpenAPI definition, describing not just the surface area of the API, but also the surface area of their API operations. This set of machine readable definitions provide us what we need to understand exactly what an API offers, as well as to be able add it to the gallery, driving the search, listings, and detail pages for the gallery.

After adding APIs to the gallery we like to write a story about the entity behind the API here on the blog. Highlighting what they do, providing some useful links to their operations, and list out each individual API resources they provide, complete with OpenAPI and Postman Collections when possible. We just finished adding Clearbit to the API Gallery, and wanted to showcase what they offer, providing more information the valuable resources they offer.


Clearbit provides powerful products and data APIs to help your business grow. Contact enrichment, lead generation, financial compliance, and more. Clearbit is on a mission to set the new standard in business data. Try us out for free at Simply put – Clearbit is changing how modern businesses source and operationalize data as part of their sales, marketing, and product workflows.


 Website – Visit the Clearbit website.
– Portal – Visit the Clearbit developer portal.
– Blog – Visit the Clearbit blog.
– Blog RSS – Subscribe to the Clearbit blog RSS feed.
– Twitter – Follow Clearbit on Twitter.
– GitHub – Tune into what Clearbit is up to on GitHub


– Retrieves a person and company by email address (OpenAPI) (Postman) – Retrieves a person and company by email address.
– Get Logo (OpenAPI) (Postman) – Gets a logo for the requested domain.
– By Name (OpenAPI) (Postman) – Find company by name.
– Find Company by IP Address (OpenAPI) (Postman) – Find company by IP address.
– Find Contacts – Job Title (OpenAPI) (Postman) – Find contact using job title.
– Company Name to Domain (OpenAPI) (Postman) – Get company domain using name.
– Domain Lookup (OpenAPI) (Postman) – Looking up company by domain.

We’d like to welcome Clearbit to our API Gallery, and look forward to tuning into the interesting signals coming out of their platform. We will be monitoring their API community, trying to better understand the opportunity for delivering event-driven architecture on top of what they already bring to the table with their APIs.

You can learn more about Clearbit API Gallery page, and visit their website to sign up for their service(s). We will continue monitoring their platform, and bench marking their APIs, and if it makes sense, develop some connectors and subscriptions that help data consumers more easily get what they need from the Clearbit platform, and be notified of relevant events that are occurring across the resources they provide.

AI in Finance White paper - Clearbit API
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