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Introducing Amplify API Builder Standalone: What you need to know

Today, organizations need to unleash the data trapped in databases, legacy systems, and cloud services. This allows them to combine and assemble the data to open new business opportunities. This brings new value and exceptional experiences to their customers.

Introducing Amplify API Builder Standalone

We are pleased to announce the release of Amplify API Builder Standalone. API Builder is a tool that enables developers to create rapidly APIs and microservices. With a powerful, opinionated framework for building APIs and point-and-click technology, API Builder enables you to build containerized APIs. This allows you to integrate data across diverse data sources with a low-code/no-code approach.

API Builder Standalone provides a visual flow editor enabling you to orchestrate and mediate APIs for targeting new channels or devices. API Builder Standalone also enables you to create robust, custom modular drag-drop components that can be shared between applications.

This increases API creation standardization, maintainability, and speed of development within your organization. API Builder Standalone puts the power in your hands by letting you deploy your APIs and microservices to your own container platform.

API Builder Standalone is free to download and use from the NPM library and this version comes with community support.

Get started here today.

It’s as easy as:



install -g @axway/api-builder

In addition, Axway offers a library of connectors available in the Amplify Marketplace that provide the ability to read and write data to and from an external data source, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle 12g DB or in-server memory.

API Builder Standalone highlights

  • New Dockerization: This feature provides the same great speed of building APIs and microservices as well as enables you to bake Docker containers to deploy in your own private cloud on-premises or in any cloud platform.
  • New and Updated Connectors: A new in-server memory connector enables you to rapidly prototype APIs or temporarily store data. The MongoDB, MySQL, and Oracle 12g DB connectors have been updated.
  • New Swagger Plug-in: A new Swagger plug-in enables you to turn any API or microservice with a Swagger document into a connector and easily orchestrate flows.
  • Enhanced Flow Editor: This release includes many new enhancements to the flow editor, such as auto-complete for parameters, displaying the connector version in UI, and allowing clearer trace messaging.
  • Enhancements in Logging: This release includes a new reference document for logging into third-party systems such as Splunk and login adjustments for capability.

Here are some useful links to resources related to this new release:

Please note that the free version of API Builder Standalone comes with community support, which you can find in our Community Portal or the Developer Portal. If you are interested in a subscription for Axway customer support or have questions on how API Builder can fit in your environment, please contact us.

We’re thrilled to provide a better experience for creating APIs and microservice projects.

Download API Builder Standalone for free here.