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Leveraging the API Management platform–business case examples


Bringing value and efficiency by leveraging the API Management platform is why so many industry movers and shakers choose an API Management solution.

So, what is the real value of an API Management platform for digital business?

As the connective glue that binds the software and modern digital experiences, the API Management platform allows nearly all of these leverage points. Apps, integration into partners’ services, personalized services, machine learning, on-demand availability and network effect—all of these report back to data that has been exposed through an API. This makes APIs among the most foundational points of leverage in modern business ecosystems.

APIs provide the necessary connections between apps, data and services. To break this down in layman’s terms, think of a waiter running back and forth with your dinner order, he communicates between the chef and you, the customer, what is on your plate and delivers it back to you in a seamless manner. Clearly, that doesn’t even begin to cover the real value of an API. Well managed APIs can do a lot more! While businesses tend to recreate APIs for every project—that in itself is a waste of time! The API Management platform can leverage and re-leverage them, saving development time, which makes all enterprise’s APIs running in a solid platform which builds new digital products around the business’s core values and services.

The value of an API Management platform in enormous, check out why the following companies chose Axway API Management as their go-to solution.

Many executives in their respective fields all feel the same way about Axway API Management platform technology. It’s no surprise that James Bligh, Senior Manager at NAB (National Australia Bank) goes way back with Axway. NAB chose the company “for its security and scale to see proxy for the API.” “Axway products have kept pace with us and their support has been excellent.”

Michael Öhman, IT Strategist at Scania said that the “solution focused on security,” and that is what was most important to their bottom-line.

Francesco Arcieri, Cloud Special Projects Manager at Olivetti said that “we are able to reuse, transfer and expose our technology and APIs in order to monetize them.” “We chose Axway for the availability and productivity of the persons. Axway proved to be the fastest time to market and security.” The API Management platform can manage the APIs in its total life cycle.

Jean-Charles Falloux, the Managing Director of Digital Media and Tech Innovation of Groupe Les Echoes relayed that they “chose Axway for three reasons:

  1. The ability to listen to our needs;
  2. They offered us the ability to better manage content;
  3. Possibility for a third party to buy our content through an external platform.”

Gérard Guinamand, Deputy Director of ENGIE Digital said “we chose Axway because we wanted an international company with undoubted credibility and professionalism in the field of API. Second, we liked the broad nature of the bid because we needed, on one hand, an API builder so that all the groups APIs can gradually be developed on a single platform.”

Selling great products isn’t just a part-time job, they deliver to their customers. Axway’s leading position on the API Market has been recognized by several analysts, our place in the global market says it all.

Testimonies speak volumes. Don’t wait! Check out why company leaders are on the Axway bandwagon.