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Insurance disrupted! Axway Sponsors DigIn

UPDATED 11/19/18

Back in May 2018, Axway was on hand to sponsor DigIn! Axway was super excited to be part of DigIn event this year. This growing annual event which is held in Austin, Texas, brings together visionaries in the insurance industry. This coupled with technology leaders from across the globe were all on hand to talk and collaborate on different topics, as well as learn more from the thought leaders in the industry.

It’s important to note that the insurance industry has truly embarked on a new digital journey. They are rethinking how they can best serve their customers and partners going into the future. Certainly, remaining complacent is no longer a smart option at this time, as there are new and quicker ways specialized FinTechs nipping at their heels. These cultural and technical changes require an API-first approach to their digital transformation to succeed in this competitive world. Axway brings home this API-first approach to digital transformation for the future.

At DigIn, Axway discussed the following ideas:

  • Expanding connectivity with customers and partners with AMPLIFY API Management
  • Adapting to the everchanging digital workspace demands with Content Collaboration
  • Providing business operations greater Operational Intelligence to identify and resolve process issues

Axway brings a digital experience

Through Axway’s innovative solutions, we help insurers get to the heart of the matter with digital experiences by connecting individuals, systems and customer ecosystems with exceptional solutions such as AMPLIFY™, Axway’s hybrid integration platform connects data from any device anywhere, enables millions of apps and supplies real-time analytics to build customer experience networks. With Axway’s expertise in API Management, we solve the toughest challenges for companies around the world.

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