Application Integration

AMPLIFY B2Bi: Equinor transforms digitally with Axway


Equinor and Axway brought great digital transformation to the second largest supplier of natural gas in Europe through AMPLIFY B2Bi. B2Bi serves as a central hub for both Application (EAI) and Business (B2B) integration. Since Equinor sells over 100 billion cubic meters per day, they certainly had their challenges to overcome in its need to be transparent with their partners.

Taking Equinor to the next level

Taking it to the next level is what Axway is all about. To secure Equinor’s digital transformation, they now can publicize any event impacting the delivery and the availability of their gas using the AS4/ENTSOC protocol. Thanks to Axway’s AMPLIFY B2Bi, Equinor provides the necessary components in technology in the most efficient manner to more than 50 partners.

Nowadays, it’s certainly no secret that the gas industry in Europe is highly regulated. So, to make the market transparent for their partners, the European Union enforces the use of this AS4/ENTSOG protocol.

With the AS4/ENTSOG protocol in place, Equinor has a digital transformation in place. They are now able to publicize any event impacting the delivery and availability of gas with the protocol, as well as a certified capability provided by AMPLIFY B2Bi.

Security in mind with AMPLIFY B2Bi

Petter Hedlin, Solutions Architect at Sysco said, “the gas market and the ENTSOG community have created an AS4 profile with limiting and extending the AS4 stack.” Petter says this “is something you can do given the standard.” This is called the ENTSOG profile of AS4 which places strict requirements on security.

With security in mind, “the European Union made this a legislation that traders within a union will have to utilize this system to bring the gas market closer together—everybody using the same protocol, and everybody is using the latest and greatest in terms of security.”

Shortfall situation

Bjornar Selsbak, Principal Analyst 2 at Equinor ASA says “going into functional testing with each partner, they test all the messages and that involves their business. They see the certificates.” For Bjornar, “managing certificates is a challenge. This was a shortfall situation which when they have a gas field or an installation that can’t produce gas like it’s supposed to do.”

The messages arrive in AMPLIFY B2Bi and must always be checked for accuracy. Bjornar says when it’s a “social message, it must be cleared as well.” In terms of clearing, they check the message and they make sure the data goes public for the gas market. Once this information is public, they can act on the data themselves.

Thanks to this digital transformation functionality, Axway’s AMPLIFY B2Bi brings great solutions to Equinor’s table.

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