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Debrief of AMPLIFY Medical Adherence Demo

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Last week, we posted a video and blog walk thru for our Axway AMPLIFY Medication Adherence Demonstration.

One of the great things about this illustration of capabilities is the creativity that it sparks. As I read the blog and watched the demo again, I thought of so many real-world usages. Explore this with me and let us know if you agree!

Our Medication Adherence demo was built to illustrate Digital Patient Engagement. Many healthcare industry startups and disruptors are focusing on patient engagement and drug management. Shareholders and analysts believe the potential is there to completely change how patients and hospitals buy and manage medication and supplies. Healthcare providers, health plans and pharmacies need to take action to build patient loyalty and improve care to stay relevant. Investment for non-clinical systems can be difficult to justify, but this use case will pay for itself for many.

This diagram illustrates that each of us would benefit if the US could direct dollars to preventative measures. For healthcare providers and health plans, the opportunity to prevent acute episodes and improve care directly cannot be discounted. But, it should also be noted that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) withholds 3% of reimbursements if a hospital experiences a certain level of readmissions within a 6-month period. So, there is also the opportunity to avoid penalties and increase quality scores, which often result in increased reimbursement.

Medication adherence measures are reported in arrears – meaning that it takes time for a clinician or case manager at a health plan to learn that a patient is not compliant and take action. Real-time insight into medication adherence is still a rarity. The solution illustrated in the demo below simplifies the data collection and can be adapted to low-tech/no-tech communities and individuals.

Sounds good you say, but what else can we do with this?

Did you notice the use of Alexa? In the demo, the family member asked Alexa to check on Grandma. This Alexa skill could be repurposed to help case managers, physician practices and others contact patients without the time required to reach the patient on the phone (missed calls, voice mails, etc.). Remember: the more the patient needs medical help, the less likely they are to be able and willing to answer the phone on the first call. Improving clinician productivity is an important goal for many hospitals and practices.

Also, did you notice how the eDiary that maintains a list of when medication is taken could be easily shared? One of the challenges in healthcare and life sciences is interoperability given the privacy regulations and the complex technology landscape. Sharing data easily would give decision-makers information much faster. For example, if her pharmacist knew when Grandma was taking her medicine, she could coach her on ways to reduce stomach upset.  Or if her physician realized she was often confused about when she last took her medicine, the physician might screen her for other emerging conditions. Her health plan might engage social services to help her with household chores, grocery shopping or transportation to appointments. Syncplicity, Axway’s content collaboration solution, is well-suited for the highly regulated healthcare environment – it is the only leading solution that enables data to be stored on premises instead of a shared cloud service.

And, did you notice the map with the stick-pins of customer locations? The AMPLIFY API Management solution enables healthcare providers to build innovative solutions that solve the needs of their community. In this example, we imagine home health providers checking in on grandma and others like her using Google Map APIs. Or perhaps, the hospital partners with a retail pharmacy chain to offer home delivery through APIs and mobile apps.

Improving healthcare outcomes requires patient engagement, collaboration between providers and systems and relevant data delivered now – not 45 days after the fact. As illustrated in the below diagram, the Axway AMPLIFY platform brings it all together.

If you missed it or want to watch it again, here’s the demo video:

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