Hackers target healthcare, where will AI go next, and Axway Summit – June Digital News Desk

Digital News Desk June 2023

In this month’s news round-up, we look at the latest healthcare security risks and the Ransomware-as-a-Service groups behind it. We also touch on AI fears – possibly overblown at times – and what world leaders want to do to contain it. Plus, see who’s driving digital transformation through the Axway Excellence Awards.

June 2023 API news and digital transformation headlines

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Ransomware attacks in healthcare

The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center published a sector alert this spring on ransomware-as-a-service groups Cl0p and LockBit. The groups have been stealing corporate data from vulnerable servers to extort companies into paying a ransom. Cl0p almost exclusively targets the healthcare sector; in 2021, 77% percent of its attack attempts were on this critical infrastructure industry.

Earlier this year, the group had already claimed a mass attack on more than 130 organizations, including those in the healthcare sector, by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in file transfer software.

HC3 Publishes Sector Alert on Cl0p and LockBit

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AI race to the top

Does AI’s spectacular rise mean the end of the world or the beginning or a new era? It depends on who you ask – and some lie firmly in a middle road of cautious optimism.

Hundreds of AI scientists, academics, tech CEOs and public figures — including the CEO of ChatGPT creator OpenAI – have added their names to a statement urging global policymakers to focus their attention on mitigating what they claim is “‘doomsday’ extinction-level AI risk.”

Some cynics argue statements like this have the advantage of routing regulatory attention into a faraway theoretical future, distracting lawmakers from copyright, privacy, bias, or competition and antitrust issues happening right now.

In the meantime, EU and US lawmakers are moving to draft an AI Code of Conduct, fast.

American success in the field appears to be spurring China’s own innovation race, with internet giant Baidu launching a 145-million-dollar fund to back generative AI companies.

EU and US to prepare and push for global AI ‘code of conduct’ | France 24

OpenAI’s Altman and other AI giants back warning of advanced AI as ‘extinction’ risk | TechCrunch

China’s Baidu launches $145 million venture capital AI fund | Reuters

The Illusion of China’s AI Prowess: Regulating AI Will Not Set America Back in the Technology Race | Foreign Affairs

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Axway Summit and Excellence Awards

Axway Summit is taking place in person for the first time since 2019 this year. The global conference shares latest advancements in API, MFT, B2B, cloud, and financial accounting technologies.

Events kicked off in Brussels, Belgium and São Paulo, Brazil in May, with customers and partners demonstrating how they use Axway solutions to drive innovation around the world.

This year marks the inaugural Axway Excellence Awards celebrating achievement in digital transformation, innovation, technology, and data-driven excellence, and the final winners will be awarded in Scottsdale, Arizona this month for North America.

We look forward to sharing more about these inspiring projects with you throughout the year, so stay tuned for more to come!

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Axway Excellence Awards

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What will happen to our banks if ChatGPT becomes my bank advisor?