Getting unstuck in sticky times

One of the biggest questions I get from decision-makers these days is whether they should wait until the dust settles to start any new programs or to continue with existing projects.

To wait or not to wait

Every business is different, but the world we operate in is the same.

Others won’t wait. That means that being frozen isn’t a good response to the current situation. Neither is being reckless, but nobody is advocating that. No, a good response is to take a quick step back and re-prioritize your projects and programs. Some of them won’t make as much sense as they did a few months ago.

The best course right now is to be honest about which projects need to pause and which need to be accelerated.

What to do first

Survive. If you don’t do that, nothing else really matters.

Focus on projects that enable remote access, communication, and self-service. This situation will induce permanent changes in the way we work and live, so you shouldn’t treat these initiatives as optional or temporary. Work from home and transact from home will be a percentage of your world going forward. And every company with whom I have ever worked would welcome better communication.

The mistake is to slap something together with the idea that this will be temporary. Avoid flimsy bandages and do things right. They are your conduit to future success.

What to do next

For a more complete framework to help prioritize projects, check out our recent webinar, Priorities in the New Normal.

The winners and losers are being chosen now–not after the dust settles. What actions can your company take this week to prepare to thrive in the new context?

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