Axway shares digital innovation in Brazil

Axway shares digital innovation in Brazil

Axway LATAM had a busy month in May, sharing digital innovation in Brazil with two successful events. The first was the API Techlab, an event where clients and new prospects got the chance to test out Axway solutions and discover new features in a hands-on session.

API Techlab

The API Techlab started with a workshop, where the Axway team shared details on topics of interest for attendees, such as the new modules in the Axway AMPLIFY Platform; Choreography, Mesh Gateways and Cloud Integration. Read what Axway AMPLIFY means for you.

Other subjects included:

  • API & microservices management overview and concepts
  • Governance with proxy and access control of APIs
  • Orchestration policies, cache and API firewall
  • API Catalog and Developer Engagement
  • Design of APIs and mockups

The second part of the Techlab was a hands-on session. This session focused on:

Dozens of clients and prospects attended the event and had very positive feedback about the content presented, the location of the event and above all, about our solution!

And, to bring to a perfect end we had the opportunity of filming two participants answering our questions about the whole event. You can see it below [in Portuguese].

Digital Innovation in Brazil

The other event we had in May in Brazil was our Dinner Debate with Clients. We chose a beautiful restaurant with API Portala private room and we had two experts speak on “The impact of technology on integration and business. How can we adapt to changes?”

The first speaker was Humberto Shida, CIO of Votorantim Cimentos–an Axway client. Shida shared how Votorantim used Axway’s solution to improve its business.

Following Shida, Karin Parodi, CEO of Career Center–presented on the CIO career in the fast-changing world of technology. She gave examples of how technology brings velocity to companies and the impact it has on business models. According to Parodi, some of these changes, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, are yet to be felt fully by our society.

Still, she explained that companies are so much different than machines. oday, the structure of business works more like a living breathing organism than a machine. The importance of hierarchy and bureaucracy has been drastically reduced to give way to more focus on actions and flexible resources. Karin ended her presentation by asking the audience about what they felt was a good way to handle these rapidly growing changes.

At the end of the event, guests received a gift from Axway to thank them for their participation: a mini coffee strainer–representing the energy that these people bring into Axway and that their companies help bring to the world. And that was it! A busy month but with a lot of accomplishments.

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