Axway & API World bring a great meeting of API minds to San Jose

API World 2018 came and conquered San Jose, California with a great bang with networking and workshops while showcasing friendly faces at the event. API World 2018 is the largest vendor-agnostic API event in the country. Over 2,000 people attend the event to learn more about the API universe and to see what different API providers are working on at this time.

Axway was a proud sponsor at the event and took part in conversing with people in the API community. Suzanne Dowling, Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Axway said: “Axway was there to feature their new AMPLIFY API Builder Standalone product which is a no-code/low-code way to build APIs.”

Along with Suzanne, Arun Dorairajan, a Principal Solutions Architect at Axway said: “Axway was at API World to present API and Microservices Management infrastructure solutions.” Attendees learned how to manage their APIs and Microservices to secure and control them, as well as publish them. This makes for a great collaboration!

Along with the fun, pumping energy, Michelle Morgan, Supervisor, Business Development Rep at Axway showcased fantastic spirit that was live to show you around the Axway booth and keep you in-the-know of the day’s events.

Great event

API World was a fantastic event where we were able to meet new people in the industry and see what they are up to in the API world. New connections and contacts were made as we presented our Axway API solutions. So many customers also spoke about their API journeys and how they go about utilizing their APIs. API World is an excellent connecting event for like-minds to get together and talk about all-things API. With over 2,000 attendees at the event, there was much to learn from each other.

Our goal at Axway is the future of APIs. Our AMPLIFY API Management Solution secures your APIs. The future of APIs is to make them secure and make sure that consumers are getting the correct data with the right setup.

Check out this fun recap video to watch the Axway team in action at API World.