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API News Roundup – October 2020

API New Roundup October 2020

As the seasons change, temperatures are getting cooler, but API news stories are getting hotter. This month we continue to share the latest API headlines with new categories. Here is your look at the top API News stories for October 2020.

API Market

Investors, founders report hot market for API startups

Startups that deliver their service via an API are having a moment. Or perhaps a year.

Speaking with founders and investors this year, it has become clear that the API model of delivering a product is more than an occasional hit-maker for companies like Twilio or Plaid. Instead, it appears that there is ample room for lots of API-powered startups to build and prosper.

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Covid-19 crisis spurred greater API development, survey suggests

While the COVID-19 crisis wreaked havoc with many corporate IT plans — pushing many, at least temporarily, into survival mode — API development either remained constant or even expanded. APIs also have been playing a pivotal role in helping organizations operate on a more virtual level.

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State of the API 2020: Investments remain strong despite challenges

Postman’s State of the API report for 2020 suggests that investments have remained strong despite the challenging economic climate.

The report is the most comprehensive survey of the API industry — surveying a total of 13,586 developers, testers, executives, and others.

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Data democratization in healthcare — the API Way

Just like with the drive for Open Banking, Open Healthcare presents huge opportunities but a strategy and governance together with an open platform needs to be in place to gain trust with healthcare members to put the patient back at the center.

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How Low-Code Solutions Reduce Headaches for Healthcare CIOs

Twenty years ago, technology consultants started advising CIOs to build less. That’s when the movement towards Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) began.

Today, there are many shops, especially those in small and medium-sized organizations, with few programmers who build new applications from scratch.

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Developer Tips

Facebook introduces a new Messenger API with support for Instagram

Following the updates to Instagram and Messenger that delivered cross-app communication and other features, Facebook today announced its Messenger API has also been updated to allow businesses to manage their communications across Instagram, in addition to Messenger .

Are Software Developers Taking Full Advantage of APIs?

As the software development industry continues to evolve, APIs, both providing and consuming them, will be a more common part of your processes.

How to Refactor Big Alloy Controllers

At first, you got a nicely structured Alloy controller, but as you go on, new features keep getting added, and slowly but surely you end up with a monster. Your XML file might still look okay, but your controller file starts getting hundreds of lines and the end is not in sight. Sound familiar?

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Design APIs for Extensibility and More

The main role of APIs is to serve as the connective fabric between different components and capabilities within an organization and across organizations.

One important aspect of that is that an API should be reusable so that individual components and capabilities can become building blocks of new processes and value chains.

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Back to work

Reopening global offices with the Griffin App

TravelPerk launches an open API platform to extend its work trip SaaS

Business travel SaaS startup TravelPerk has launched an open API-based platform — letting its customers and partners build custom integration and apps.

The initial APIs cover HR and expense management use-cases, but more are set to be added as usage and demand grows.

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Thank you for reading our API News roundup — October 2020. We’ll see you next month with more API headlines.

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