API News Roundup – December 2021

API News Roundup December 2021

As we all cautiously step into 2022, many are trying to predict what the new year ahead will bring. We don’t have a crystal ball, but Axway’s experts do have an educated idea of how things will evolve in the API and digital transformation space. Here are some op-eds and news stories you may have missed in December, along with top API stories from around the web this past month.

The future of work in 2022

We’ve heard much talk of The Great Resignation this past year, so what’s on the horizon for businesses in 2022? Fe news tackles the topic with predictions from the growth of hybrid work to making diversity, equity, and inclusion of a greater priority.

Axway CTIO, Vince Padua, chimes in on how priorities may shift for IT leaders, arguing that customer confidence has become more critical than “choice” in the “age of any.” Read the full article here. 

What’s next for open banking?

At Open Banking Expo, Axway’s Head of Open Banking, Eyal Sivan, says “strong leadership” is only part of the way to get open banking over the line in Canada, and he discusses what it can learn from Brazil’s implementation journey (where Axway recently piloted a dedicated open banking solution). Read the Q&A here.

Meanwhile, just south of the border, Business Insider writes that consumers’ superior trust in banks gives them a pivotal role in U.S. open banking engagement.

“While consumers have embraced sharing their banking credentials with third-party apps or services, concerns around data security and privacy still remain.”

The article cites Axway’s 2021 survey which found that 47% of U.S. consumers worry about losing control over their financial data access. Read the full article here.

Also of note is the announcement that APImetrics is joining forces with Finextra Research to offer an open access dashboard that will monitor the real-time performance of open banking, PSD2 payments, fintech, and crypto APIs.

“The open banking movement, by definition, cannot operate in the dark. Every developer and innovator has a shared interest in seeing how their APIs measure up in the real world to raise the collective bar of the entire ecosystem,” said David O’Neill, APImetrics CEO, in the press releaseRead how the partnership aims to highlight the resilience and health of these APIs in PYMNTS.

Finally, Axway Catalyst, Emmanuel Methivier, answers Finyear’s Q&A on innovation and open finance. He opines whether open banking and Open Finance are the same things, bringing an end to the war between banks and fintechs, and how he believes the future of banks is based on a vision of digital services platforms. Read the article in Finyear (in French).

Improving healthcare in 2022

It’s no secret that 2021 was still a challenging year for a healthcare system that faced major pressures. Yet innovation continues its forward march, and last month Health IT Answers dove into how patient experience is a major driver of health IT innovation.

The article points out that patients in the U.S. will see continued improvements to their experience and access to health information as interoperability rules continue to roll out. Axway VP of Health, Ruby Raley, says that’s going to impact health IT teams as well, and self-service and process automation will become crucial to improving the patient experience.

Read the Health IT Answers article here, as well as a discussion on the continuing quest for interoperability, here.

Raley also points out that the industry is looking beyond compliance dates and understands the need to move project-based integrations to self-service integrations. Read her predictions on how healthcare will achieve greater interoperability in 2022 on VMblog.

On sovereignty and security

Axway’s parent company, Sopra Steria, and OVHcloud announced last month deployment of their combined service offering in Europe along with first joint use cases in the administration, energy, and health sectors.

The joint offering is secured, hosted, and operated in Europe, in what the two companies feel is an optimal response to sovereignty issues, and Axway’s Amplify API Management platform is one service on offer on the Trusted Digital Platform.

Read more about the European partnership expansion on IT Social (in French) or in the Sopra Steria press release (available in English).

Can enterprises really achieve speed and security? Axway CTIO, Vince Padua, writes in Forbes that APIs and Zero Trust mark a hopeful future. In the op-ed, he says “the union of API- and ZTA-based systems may finally prove decisive enough to push back against the hacker free-for-all that’s engulfed cyberspace.” Read why Padua believes policies and gateways are the new gatekeepers here.

Choosing the right API management platform

Looking to drive innovation and tame your IT in 2022? You’ll need the right API management platform. CIO shares an overview of the Top 15 API management platforms, including Axway’s Amplify API Management platform — the only open, independent API management platform available anywhere. Read the solutions roundup here.

Some key features of Amplify API Management:
  • Automated discovery of all your API assets across your distributed IT environments (even non-Axway) for central control and monitoring
  • API providers can publish, secure, track, and monitor their assets while retaining independence to use existing or new technology
  • The Unified Catalog brings producers and consumers together in one place to facilitate reuse and speed adoption.
  • API consumers can more easily discover, subscribe, and consume API assets to accelerate time to value for digital business.

Learn more about why you need an open platform approach for API management.

From digital twins to the role of APIs in IoT

A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object or system. In VentureBeat’s exploration of how they’re used, author George Lawton finds they serve in many ways, from improving decision-making to help personalize medicine, to surfacing supply chain problems.

Axway CTIO, Vince Padua, points out they can be also used to improve customer experience: synthetic data can help extend customer experience data to digital twins of customer experience to improve product design, costs, or sales. Read his thoughts on the topic as well as other use cases in VentureBeat.

Axway Catalyst, Dr. Erik Wilde, argues in Dev Insider that IoT platforms must be designed to be open, as APIs play a central role in their success. In his article, he describes the role of APIs in the functioning of IoT applications. Read Wilde’s recommendations on how to bring these elements together here (in German).

Looking back to look forward

Finally, allow us one last moment to look back on the past year, full of challenges but also opportunities and successes.

This year-in-review blog looks at Axway’s 2021 highlights, from collaborating with others on digital transformation and financial standards, to developing a specialized open banking solution, to providing thought leadership at conferences and earning analyst recognition.

And for podcast lovers, Axway Chief Marketing Officer, Paul French, looks back on season two of Transform IT Forward. He shares favorite clips from episodes that covered everything from digital transformation to data-driven investment and people & culture. Read or listen to his season two highlights here.

That about wraps it up for our December 2021 API News roundup, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more API headlines next month! Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, and fulfilling new year.

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