Axway Digital Forum with IDC in London

Axway organized a Digital Forum with IDC Research in London a couple of weeks ago. We invited senior-level employees of large English companies to help them better understand the current trends in digital integration and also facilitate networking with their peers. The format of the event was a morning event followed by a networking lunch. We had the pleasure to welcome delegates from Barclays, Worldpay, Lloyds, Bank of England, Worldpay, Astellas, British American Tobacco, EDF trading, SABMiller…

The event took place downtown at the Grosvenor House Marriott Hotel.

9 am: Our General Sales Manager for Europe, Eric Chevrier, introduces the event.
9.15 am: IDC Research Analyst, Philipp Carnelley, gives an update on the digital transformation market. Turning organizations into digital players are really complex and most companies today are still not mature and keep delivering digital projects in an opportunistic way, whereas there are only 28% who do it in a repeatable way and 12% in a managed way.
Companies are also extending their ecosystem to new partners to create new digital products and services. For example, Audi, Amazon and DHL have partnered to deliver a “drop in my car” service: instead of waiting for Amazon to send you the item by mail, you can get DHL drop the item in the trunk of your car when you are away from home. The Audi driver simply enters an Amazon shipping code in the electronic console of his car and DHL gets automatically notified to come and drop the item in the trunk of a car. How do they open the car? With a code provided by Audi upon request submission. How does it work? Audi, DHL and Amazon are interconnected with Web APIs and a simple action in Audi car results in multiple calls between all three partners to result in this great customer experience.
10 am: Me presenting Axway …

10.30 am: BT presenting how they implemented Axway API Management solution to secure their APIs for their mobile apps and the value they got out of Axway MBaaS capabilities.

11 am: Time for a coffee break …
11.20 am:
Interactive roundtable led by Philipp from IDC. At the table are sitting Nick from BT, Ross from DOGFI.SH, Tim from Sopra Steria and me from Axway. Many questions from delegates leading to passionate discussions and experience sharing …
12 am: Time for delegates to be part of the show: every table of delegates has 20 minutes to discuss a specific topic and draw conclusions to present to all delegates.

It is very interactive and every group makes great work at sharing ideas and putting them together on a paper board to present them to their peers.

Learn more about API Management here.

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