Ping Identity and Axway: Fighting security breaches around the world

Ping Identity and Axway have a unified collaboration that brings complementary experience in the cybersecurity world. Unfortunately, cyber threats are now a daily occurrence. To protect companies against the ever-growing landscape of cybersecurity dangers, Axway and Ping Identity formed a global alliance to bring their far-reaching API security solution to your enterprise.

Jason Bonds, Area VP, is responsible for the Ping Identity business unit. “Axway and Ping Identity provide the largest security in the world with simplified ways to attack security breaches, improve the customer, partner and employee activity, as well as bring seamless customer access to applications,” says Jason.

Ping Identity and Axway

The Axway AMPLIFY™ Gateway provides the necessary level of security for PingIntelligence to work to safeguard APIs for their clients. According to Jason, “from a customer perspective, you will find the products very easy to use.” Because PingIntelligence products integrate seamlessly with Axway AMPLIFY Gateway, companies are providing their customers with the necessary tools to enhance their security level to thwart cyber attacks. Ping Identity and Axway products work in tandem, allowing for easy integration.

Furthermore, Axway’s AMPLIFY Platform enables companies to work more securely. With API security, expertise must be first-rate when dealing with hackers. Ping Identity and Axway provide a higher level of security protection. Their joint solution delivers successful capabilities so companies can secure their APIs faster and more securely.

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Numerous benefits

For customers utilizing Ping Identity and Axway’s partnership, many benefits are available. Jason says, “Beyond the AI-powered Ping Identity cybersecurity product, this complements the access control provided by AMPLIFY Gateway.”

As Jason says, “Thanks to the extended capabilities provided, you also get the ability to look at the API transactions from low-level visibility and all the way up through a higher level.” Depending on an organization’s needs, whether it’s compliance, forensics or simply auditing, IT leaders will have visibility from both the Gateway and the PingIntelligence sides.

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