Netum Integrations Oy and Axway: modernizing integrations together

Netum and Axway Partner Q&A blog

Netum is a fast-growing Finnish IT services company with over 20 years of experience on demanding IT projects. Netum’s goal is to be the most trusted partner in the industry and the preferred work community in responsible and secure digital transformation.

The group helps customers in their digital transformation by combining traditional IT solutions with the latest digital applications, safely and in a responsible way. We spoke with Tero Nummijärvi, CEO of Netum Integrations Oy, who shares how their partnership with Axway helps the company move faster and provide the right solutions, at the right time.

Can you introduce yourself and present your company?

Netum has a strong position in the system integration area. We have more than 30 specialists whose focus is in integration technologies. Our business area is Nordic and Baltic countries.

My role at Netum is taking care of our integration business. I have been working in the integration field for more than 25 years, and at Netum for the last three years since my co-owned company joined Netum. My company — and I myself — have almost 20 years of cooperation with Axway using B2B integration products. 

Why did you join the Axway Partner Program?

We have had a long and successful cooperation with Axway since 2004. Being involved in the Partner Program is a big benefit for our customers, as it enables us to provide the latest technologies and support to new and existing customers. Axway’s partner program offers us great support when we provide our services to our customers.

Which solutions drew you to Axway and why?

As our background is in B2B integrations, we started with B2B Integration. As the integration business has changed, our focus has also greatly expanded to the API area. Our next project will be providing several APIs that will create an interface between our customers’ ERP systems and the internet for their trading partners.

What do you expect from the partnership with Axway?

As we already have a long history of cooperation and experience working with Axway, we see a bright future for our partnership. We can trust we’ll have the best integration products available when we develop and deliver our consultancy and services to our customers. Partnership will also bring us new opportunities through the Axway network.

What are the main drivers for Axway solutions among your customers?

They are modern technologies that can provide solutions in an ever-changing integration market.

What value do you think Axway’s solutions will bring to your customers?

Modern and innovative solutions with reliability companies can trust, allowing our customers to create robust, modern, and innovative solutions with Axway products.

Any shared successes?

We have had many successful common projects and joint customers, such as Phoenix Group, Vaasan, and SE Mäkinen.

SE Mäkinen is a Finnish automotive logistics company that handles issues such as the logistics chain and related management of new vehicles. The company needed to enable data transfers between corporate systems, such as automatically updating on-hand inventory, orders, or price lists.

We helped SE Mäkinen update its integration system with Axway’s B2B Integration, which has resulted in a more reliable process, savings in human labor, and real-time handling of interfaces.

What are your goals for the future with Axway? 

We are planning to put more of a focus on APIs and have it as a key technology in our offering. We are also planning to expand our integration offering with modern and innovative services that companies can start using easily at a reasonable cost.

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