IMAGINE SUMMIT speaker lineup: The sun shines in Orlando, Florida

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March is just around the corner! Get ready to be dazzled and amazed. Axway brings a great array of speakers to IMAGINE SUMMIT in Orlando on March 4-6 and Chantilly, France on March 21-22.

Today, we focus on Orlando. Home of sunny blue skies and the first of the two IMAGINE SUMMIT’s to kick off the hybrid integration platform (HIP) major announcement.


Therefore, to get the HIP event off to a great start, you will be greeted with a warm welcome address by Axway’s CEO Patrick Donovan and Roland Royer, Chief Customer Officer. They bring years of expertise in the HIP market to the fold. Next up is the Hybrid Integration Platform event, “Can you be in business without one?” The keynote speaker on this topic is Mark O’Neill, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner. Mark will provide great insight from his vast amount of knowledge on HIP. This includes exploring the complexities of HIP and why you need it for your business.

Next up is speaker Vince Padua, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Axway. He will discuss the ins and outs of AXWAY AMPLIFY™ and what it means for you. Further, hot topics are up next: How hybrid integration changes API Management. Speakers Laura Heritage, Director, API & Microservices Solutions Management and Shawn Ryan, Senior Director, Strategy will cover this topic in detail. With the new and exciting additions to the hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™, the positive impact will be discovered how you manage your APIs. Moreover, the hot topics will delve deeper, so you understand the complexities of the subject. They will provide samples for this subject for easier understanding.

More great speakers

The two-day event continues with “What’s new & what’s next: AMPLIFY Content Collaboration. Speaker Vivek Mody, VP, Content Collaborations Solution Management will investigate the future and bring you up-to-date on file sharing and content collaboration solutions. You will be walked through this platform via product experts on the latest and greatest innovations out there. Further, you will be in the know regarding Axway products and how to utilize them using APIs.

Further, with IMAGINE SUMMIT speakers the next up is speaker Brian Levine, Senior Director, Axway Product Security. Brian will discuss hot topics such as content collaboration and preventing data loss in a global, digital world. By attending Brian’s session, you will learn how to keep your content safe and prevent the loss of data, making your file sharing experience flawless.

More great speakers

IMAGINE SUMMIT speakers help to bring more exciting information for you to learn about HIP. Laura Heritage returns to discuss AMPLIFY API & Microservices Management. Later, Brice Flamant, Principal Pre-Sales Architect will be discussing integrating MFT processes into ITSM tools.

Vivek Mody, VP, Content Collaboration Solutions Management and Bas van den Berg, Director, Platform Solutions Management add-in with Leverage Hybrid Integration with Syncplicity. In addition, if you want to know more about Managed File Transfer and Content Collaboration, Claudio Tinnirello, Director, Pre-sales Consulting will be speaking at the summit.

API Best Practices: Customer Stories will be a topic at the summit and covered by Axway’s very-own Dan Tortorici, Senior Director, API & Microservices Management Portfolio Marketing. As well as speakers: JB Bentz, Director of B2B Integration Solutions Management and William McKinney, Senior Director, Platform Portfolio Marketing will be on hand to discuss B2B integration in a HIP world.

HIP is where it’s at

Further, speakers from Paul Lavery, Director, MFT Solutions will be on hand to discuss more MFT innovation with HIP. Scott Lewis, Senior Director, Portfolio Marketing will also be bringing his MFT knowledge to the IMAGINE SUMMIT. Also, speaker Kristie Conner, Director, Content Collaboration Portfolio Marketing will be on hand to talk about content collaboration and file sharing in the digital workplace.

Above all, IMAGINE SUMMIT speakers brings together an array of industry experts to bring you first-rate knowledge into all-things HIP. Don’t be left out of the sun, join this innovative summit, and be part of the next digital transformation.

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