Axway partners with Citykomi and team to bring about real solutions!

DataCity in partnership with Numa and the City of Paris formed a terrific alliance to reduce congestion, noise and pollution in the City of Lights. DataCity brings about real changes by partnering with local authorities, corporate corporations, as well as startups to make urban cities more livable. DataCity aims to solve the problem with real solutions via challenges for startups. Citykomi was selected for this complex challenge and is geared up with a fantastic plan. 

Construction everywhere

Currently, the City of Paris has over 400 constructions sites in progress, this accounts for over 7% of the total worksites in the city. So much development leads to extensive discord and pollution. And with so much cacophony, people need to be informed about conditions without difficulty. Drivers have the option, but pedestrians are left in the dark!

At this time, bulletins and placards are the accepted norm, but this doesn’t solve all communication problems. For one thing, many people don’t stop to read bulletins. The DataCity challenge was to make communication more accessible and more agile so residents are informed and live in better harmony.


Citykomi and the Axway dream team

Axway set up a dream team to oversee the coordination of information on all the roadwork taking place in Paris. To accomplish this, the team of Sopra Steria and Axway joined Enedis, Engie, Paris Habitat and SNCF to partner with startup Citykomi. Their goal was to address the traffic problems in Paris and offer “last-mile information” via your smartphone (minus the personal data collection). This way all residents stay informed about construction sites.

“The application has been tailored and improved to enable the City of Paris, along with construction sites to list their locations, geolocate them and disseminate the specific information pertaining to each site.” – Laila Lesage, President of Citykomi

“We have launched an experiment in partnership with the City Hall of the fourth arrondissement of Paris aimed at all the residents of this area.” – Patrick Pigache, Secretariat General, Demarche Data, City of Paris

The city set up a platform that makes it possible to centralize, coordinate and instruct approximately six to 7,000 projects per month. Thanks to this initiative, they were able to test the new service with about 100 residents of the fourth arrondissement. The Citykomi application is already online and working effectively. Discover more about digital innovation. Discover how data unlocks innovation.

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