The Axway path to faster Partner onboarding

Axway Partner onboarding

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to save costs while increasing agility and time to market. The faster you can get your trading partners securely onboarded to your ecosystem, the quicker time to value.

How can this be possible with multiple cloud environments, different integration patterns from legacy EDI to XML to JSON, and the abundance of communication protocols?

How do your business users know how far along in the activities their partners are to completion of the onboarding process? With the modernization of Axway’s integration tools by allowing REST API connectivity, we have found our onboarding sweet spot that adds immediate value. How?

Quicker customer onboarding

During a recent engagement, a Logistics provider made requirements to not only automate the onboarding of new partners but also fully automate the end-to-end integration and validation testing of their trading partners’ data. There were multiple formats involved from EDI translation into JSON to REST integration with a Transportation Management Solution.

The initial challenge you would see is a mix of legacy solutions that need seamless integration. By utilizing an API-based partner onboarding solution, we could use the Axway B2B Gateway product REST APIs to reduce the initial partner communication onboarding time by 80% which would condense it from weeks into days.

Now that our partners are onboarded, we can use the Axway B2Bi Integration solution to automate the EDI to JSON integration and deliver automated testing report notifications to the trading partners and business users. This provided the trading partners immediate feedback on if their transactions were processed successfully or what issues needed to be resolved in the data in a hands-off approach which is a significant cost saving.

An API-based onboarding solution uses B2Bi APIs that enable organizations to expedite and automate the partner connectivity, data integration, and validation testing regardless of industry, protocol, or data format. This solution allows your organization to deliver revenue faster, cut cycle times, and automate those manual tasks seamlessly with cloud-native services.

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