Axway and Transparent Data partner up with the formidable Amplify API Management Platform

Axway and Transparent Data partnership

Transparent Data is a Polish technology company that has created its own business category in data software since 2013.

Thanks to a unique combination of high technical competence and experience in working with difficult and diverse data sources, they uniquely positioned themselves within the market space.

As founder and CEO, Arkadiusz Hajduk created a company data provider that belongs to the Federation of Business Information Service (FEBIS), they also implement complex software projects that are related to data.

Their key customers are banks, insurance companies, and payment sectors were not only the efficiency and quality of services matter, but above all security.

Transparent Data joined the Axway Partner Program to bring formidable solutions to their business. Discover what Arkadiusz’s main reasons were for joining the Axway Partner Program.

Axway and Transparent Data partnership — why join?

From the start, Transparent Data has been working with APIs combining technical competencies with practical experience — that’s why the Axway solutions were a natural fit for Transparent Data.

They wanted to extend its offer to their core customer base in the financial sector. They believe that cooperation with the recognized leader in API Management with vast experience and a solid customer portfolio brings value.

The right solution: Amplify API Management Platform

The most compelling reason for Transparent Data is the Amplify API Management Platform. Over the past eight years, they discovered that every single aspect of API lifecycle management in the field is a necessary component for smooth delivery.

In Transparent Data’s opinion, Amplify is the best tool on the market. Without a doubt, Axway knows the ropes.

Expectations from the partnership with Axway

Transparent Data expected the partnership with Axway to extend its data software services with a high-quality API Management product. This allows the company more revenue, hence providing satisfied customers.

Key drivers for Axway solutions amongst customers

No one in Poland wants to miss the boat with digital transformation and the competitive advantage it gives. But the reality of implementation is blood, sweat, and tears.

Polish companies want to speed up innovations and cut corners. The Amplify API Management Platform enabled this capability thanks to hybrid integration that doesn’t impose changes to the whole IT infrastructure.

Axway’s solution lets them release data inherent in legacy systems right away, deploy locally on-premises, and move to the cloud when the organization is ready, and not because “it should be ready now.”

 The last huge driver for Amplify is its cloud-agnosticism.

This means it’s not dependent on any specific cloud provider to give enterprises a lot of room for flexibility now and in the future.

Value of Axway’s solutions for the customer

Transparent Data and Axway’s partnership allow the Amplify platform to strengthen its customers’ scalability and standardization. This lets them maximize their API-first approach.

Additionally, it accelerates the development of new products and value-added services, simplifies cooperation with start-ups, and compliance with PSD2.

What’s really important is that the Amplify platform brings customers significant cost reductions. Clear visibility of all existing APIs and excellent tools to monitor their efficiency will not only help IT teams avoid deduplication of efforts but help business departments to make data-driven decisions on which APIs really achieve the company’s goals and are worth developing.

With one central API Management platform that is simple, fresh, and powerful, Transparent Data can open the doors to digital transition for many Polish companies that thought it wasn’t possible.

Shared success

In just eight years, Arek believes that its greatest success is it became one leader in providing regulatory data through APIs.

The largest financial and insurance institutions use its solutions in Poland. Reputable companies such as C.H.Beck (one of the oldest and largest European publishing houses) trust Transparent Data to help them exit legacy systems and build new data platforms from scratch.

The Transparent Data brand is associated with great know-how of data, speed, and technological efficiency, and this counts most.

Due to our recognition of its expertise, Transparent Data was invited to a high-level roundtable on the PSI Directive at the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels in 2018.

For the same reason, they are a member of the Open Data Working Group of the Digitization Department of the Prime Ministers Council (previously Ministry of Digitalization of Poland) and are invited to discussion panels at the largest data opening conferences in Poland.

Goals for the future with Axway

Transparent Data thinks big. Their goal is simple yet ambitious: they want to be a leading Axway partner in Poland with a significant foothold in CEE.

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