Security at its best! Axway and iPRESIDIUM partner up

Axway and iPRESIDIUM

iPRESIDIUM is a cyber security and risk advisory firm that provides end-to-end enterprise security services for their private and public entities of all sizes.

By helping customers protect their business, employees, data, and their reputation, they succeed by offering their clients cutting-edge technologies. They offer best-in-class security solutions and experienced security professionals proficient in cyber security and managed security service platforms.

Axway and iPRESIDIUM

iPRESIDIUM is a long-time partner of Axway with their email and large file transfer solutions, a trust was formed early on. They chose Axway because of their ability to execute solutions that their clients need in both the public and private sectors. This ability delivers first-in-class solutions for iPRESIDIUM and its customers with exceptional results.

The right solutions from Axway

Originally, as a cyber security solution and services firm, iPRESIDIUM focused on Axway’s secure email messaging and large file transfer platforms.

Since that time, they have been very impressed with Axway’s other product offerings and the ability to integrate their solutions in nearly every one of our clients’ environments to bring better security to the table.

“We are confident that Axway will continue to deliver high-quality business solutions for our customers.” Adriana Babino – Chief Technology Strategist and Principle at iPRESIDIUM

iPRESIDIUM seeks an open and honest relationship with Axway in its communications and customer messaging.

They have great trust in Axway to execute on their commitments for their clients. By working together in this manner, they can deliver best-in-class security solutions and retain satisfied customers.

Main drivers for Axway solutions

iPRESIDIUM works with Public and Private sector clients daily. Although many have different business needs, they all share the same goal and that is how to secure their data safely. Axway’s solutions provide this safety net for their clients.

“iPRESIDIUM customers are technically savvy, they know their environments well and continue to search for ways to innovate and secure their business.”

iPRESIDIUM is looking to expand its secure offering for its existing customer base while providing new and innovative technologies to meet new client demands.

By partnering with Axway, they see great abilities and solutions as a way to both grow their respective customer base for the future.

Learn more about Axway’s partnership program and how it brings better solutions to your enterprise.