Employee Spotlights

From India to Paris, Piyush Gupta maintains quality and integrity at Axway

Last month we brought you the story of Astrid Fischer who made the move from Germany to our global headquarters in the U.S. Today, we are sharing the story of another Axway employee who is an inspiring example of commitment, achievement, journey, engagement, and work ethic. Meet Piyush Gupta.

Piyush is a Senior Software Engineer in the Axway’s Paris office. He is in charge of the QA process and automated testing for the Axway Financial Exchange Solution (including Axway EBICS Gateway, Axway Electronic Signature and Axway EBICS Client), part of the AMPLIFY Platform.

His role includes to follow, apply and improve the solution quality process, design test plans, identify and fix defects as well build additional developments to improve the product in collaboration with other members of the team.

Before joining Axway in Paris, Piyush worked in Noida, India. His manager at the time asked him to join the broader team in our Paris office and to move to France. And he accepted.

Piyush Gupta at work.

Approach to the job

 “When you work in the team, you share different user stories about their experience with the product in different areas that need to be targeted and maybe worked on and improved. This applies to development, as well as test automation.”

Piyush finds the main points from the user story and then decides how to proceed. This involves requirements, features and identifying if he needs new technologies or to utilize existing ones. From there, he moves on to development features. Piyush also helps other team members so they can quickly test features of the development.

His inspiration: teamwork

“Teamwork! The best part is the independence and non-pressure environment that makes for a conducive working atmosphere.”

Piyush is very motivated by his colleagues and enjoys working with them every day. When he’s stuck on a work project, the team steps in and helps out. His manager provides continuous support to achieve the goals and solve the different tasks at hand. 

Career advice

Piyush’s career advice for others is simple. Work hard. Think positive!

“The market has changed. Companies demand different things. To be a software engineer, it’s better to learn a programming language as you needed it when you work in the field and keep up to date with new technologies. Knowledge is power.”

Certification is also a necessary requirement to keep up with ever-changing technology. Knowing what is happening in the market is key.

Hard works pays off.

Philosophy for life

Work hard yet leave your work at the office when you go home. Keep your work and personal life separate.

Getting personal

In his downtime, Piyush loves table tennis. He joined a club in Paris and plays twice a week for destressing after work. He also loves watching TV and Netflix is his guilty pleasure.

Piyush Gupta winning an award.

When Piyush was in India, his French manager was always talking about  “baby-foot,” as one of the fun things the team in Paris does at lunch break.

So, Piyush thought he was talking about foot massage. Until he arrived in La Défense office and he discovered it wasn’t a foot massage at all, baby-foot was a reference for fuse ball or table soccer. He was “Lost in Translation”!

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