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Axway’s Orla McCarron gives dedication and inspiration to the Dublin office

Orla McCarron

At Axway, we love to spotlight talented Axwegians all over the world. This week we travel to Ireland where Orla McCarron works as Senior HR Specialist at our Dublin office and she is part of our global People & Culture Team.

For nearly 10 years, Orla has held different roles that have led up to her position today. From an Operations Manager, Marketing Assistant to Business Unit Coordinator, there’s nothing Orla can’t tackle. Orla even worked as an interior designer before joining Axway. All these various and wonderful experiences have built Orla into the professional she is today.  

Orla’s approach to the job!

As a Senior HR specialist, Orla McCarron wears many hats. For starters, she is always positive and flexible. Orla is very approachable and stays present; she meets with the Dublin team whenever they need her. “Empathy and clear communication, along with listening skills are key if you want to work and be successful within the People & Culture Team,” says Orla.

As in a lot of jobs and in particular, the ones related to people, every day brings its new challenges. And for Orla, it is super rewarding to see people in her office happy at their workplace and thriving in their careers. She also can directly work with managers and accompany them in this area.

My role is all about supporting Axway’s best asset – our people! It is about making peoples’ working lives the best possible work-life experience!” 

Orla McCarron’s role

From initial interviewing of Dublin candidates, making job offers, preparing contracts, on-boarding new candidates with People & Culture Induction, working with managers on career paths and organizing training and development plans, Orla’s role is wide-ranging.

Additionally, Orla ensures Axway’s compliancy with all legal procedures and ensures that we have an up-to-date Employment Handbook and Health & Safety Plan.

Orla also works closely with Axway’s staff on Health & Safety for all the Dublin team. This includes planning fun and engaging team-building events, opportunities to give back to the community, volunteer day and Family Days, and Christmas parties. This is a great way for people to spend time with colleagues and to create a bond between team members inside and outside the workplace walls.

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Recruitment event
Recruitment event

Orla’s inspiration

Orla is inspired by people—pure and simple! Orla loves her job:  she enjoys helping colleagues solve challenges, which vary from the day-to-day. She is also motivated by her colleagues within the global People & Culture team which is a compilation of different nationalities, as well as cultures.

Orla works with different team members in many time zones who meet virtually and share their knowledge and brainstorm ideas among the many Axway locations around the world. Still, she loves her office location, literally sitting on the Grand Canal in Dublin —a terrific stress-buster!

Orla finds incentive by pursuing local Irish initiatives. Most recently the Women ReBoot initiative—an Irish government initiative set up to help and encourage women to come back to work in the IT industry.

Also, the “I Wish” initiative set up by three Irish businesswomen to inspire, encourage and motivate young secondary school female students to pursue careers in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). These are two initiatives that Orla hopes Axway Ireland can continue to support and become more involved with in the future.

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The best part of the job!

For Orla, diversity is definitely the best part of the job. Working with different people of different nationalities from around the world is simply fascinating. No two days are the same for Orla.  She thrives to bring great enthusiasm, stability, positivity, and fresh ideas to the position but also to her colleagues.

Career advice

For Orla, she is a strong believer in it’s “never too late to upskill and go back to college.” It’s important to keep learning every day. Orla recently returned to university at night to get her Diploma in HR Management. While it was tough it was also rewarding to graduate and have gained new-found knowledge.

Orla McCarron on graduation day!
Orla McCarron on graduation day!

For Orla, it’s important to have a solid background in school, but it’s also an important aspect within HR to learn from your managers, along with life experience. You’re never too young or too old to learn something new.

Orla’s philosophy for life!

For Orla, what counts is always to find the positive in any situation. Orla also feels it’s vital to continue to challenge yourself and try things that are outside your comfort zone. Orla and her husband plan a big trip every two years. So, in 2020 they plan to hike to the Everest base camp. Way to go Orla! A great philosophy for life!

Always walk on the sunny side of the street!”

Orla has an amusing observation on people’s perceptions and expectations of an HR manager or as she says, “Super Human Resources manager.”  She always enjoys these requests and is happy to provide any information she can. Such requests can include anything from where do I get my washing machine fixed to who can you recommend as a good travel agent.

The life as an HR Superhero keeps on rolling. Thanks to Orla’s positive spirit, Axway Dublin’s HR department is thriving. This is why we are #bettertogether at Axway.

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