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Employee Experience Hero at Axway – meet Miriam!

Miriam Aguilar Sanchez

Building great relationships with customers is our everyday goal at Axway. In order to offer our customers a great experience, we first have to create a good working environment for our employees. And no one puts that in practice better than Miriam Aguilar Sanchez, our Office Manager at Axway Dublin.

Miriam Aguilar Sanchez — organizational skills

Miriam manages our Irish office in terms of internal events, finance, and administrative work. She is the person who can help you with… well, everything around the office, from an IT request to a good recommendation for lunch.

So, let’s see what Miriam has to say about delivering this awesome employee experience.

Could you please tell us about a project you’ve worked on and are proud of?

Miriam: Last year, I had a mission to organize as a team-building exercise a game throughout Dublin for the group here. What’s challenging is that every time people want to be surprised, so I have to get creative.

My colleagues had to go from one spot to another throughout the city, they had clues about what was coming next and had to do some activities–like singing a song or taking a picture of two green doors next to each other. Everybody had so much fun and talked about this event for weeks. Creating this game was fun for me, too, as I was eager to see how people would react.

I think social gatherings help people interact, get to know each other, and discover what the other colleagues are working on.

What do you like most about your job?

Miriam: When I first interviewed at Axway, I said to the recruiters: “So basically, my job is to make my colleagues happy.” For me, it’s important to keep employees happy, especially when there’s a high competition among companies to hire and keep talented people.

If your employees feel comfortable in the office, they will come to work happier in the morning and probably work better. When people are dissatisfied with their work environment, they soon try to find another position elsewhere. You have to make the office a nice environment where people can work and discuss with their colleagues.

For example, a while ago, I started having breakfast in the office kitchen. At first, I was alone. But then, other people joined me. Now, almost every day we have a full table–up to seven people eating together in the morning and chatting. It’s great for the work environment!

How can employee experience interchange with customer experience?

Miriam: People should know their customers and what they want. If I think of my internal “customers” in the office, I know them very well. For example, who likes coffee and who likes tea. And when I don’t know, I just ask. You don’t have to wait for information to come to you, you need to ask as well.

I receive a lot of feedback, and I adapt to my colleagues’ requirements. Some people are intolerant to cow milk for example, so I make sure there’s soy milk available in the fridge. It might be a small thing that doesn’t cost much, but it makes a difference for someone in the office. People feel better when their voices are heard.

Miriam is great when dealing with internal customers — her colleagues. She knows them very well and listens to their requests. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude help people in the office socialize more and create a more collaborative culture. That’s what makes Miriam Aguilar Sanchez a great addition to the Axway family.

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