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Griffins at Work: Mariya Barova grows in her technical role from Bulgaria to Ireland

Griffins at Work - Mariya Barova -

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest Life at Axway feature: Griffins at Work! Our Griffins at Work series will introduce you to even more of our incredible Griffins, sharing their stories about all the things that make Axway an incredible place to work, grow, and succeed. Whether they’re internally mobile, returning veterans, or on the hunt for exceptional new talent, Griffins at Work is all about what makes Axway great: our people! For our first feature, we’re traveling to Dublin, Ireland to meet Mariya Barova. In her substantial tenure with Axway, Maryia not only moved between roles but also between countries, chasing exciting new challenges to continuously grow in her technical role.

Mariya Barova’s Job

Mariya originally hails from Bulgaria and has a background in Industrial Engineering. She joined Axway nine years ago as a QA Intern, working out of Axway’s Sofia office. “My work consisted of manual and automated testing of the products we were working on,” she tells us. She made the move to Axway’s Dublin office in Ireland, where she became a Senior QA Engineer. For the last year and a half, she has served as a Software Engineer. “I am a part of a new development team in R&D and my job is to implement new features for the product we are working on.”

Mariya Barova - on snowy mountain

Motivation for mobility

Though the process of internal mobility can be daunting, Mariya found her motivation through her desire to chase new challenges, especially after several years working on the same product. “I have always admired Axway culture, and I consider this workplace as giving amazing opportunities for employees to grow professionally and personally. Moving to different teams and locations allowed me to explore more products, different views, and approaches to the work, which are enriching my professional life.”

From the beginning, Mariya’s move was supported by her incredible team in Bulgaria, who helped connect her with an open role on the Dublin QA team when she shared her interest to work in a different country. “My internal moves wouldn’t have happened without the great help and devotion of my managers,” Mariya says. “An especially important role is the one that my Bulgarian manager played in my relocation to Dublin, which at first I thought was impossible to happen. The HR team in Dublin was extremely helpful to make my move to a different country as smooth and stress free as possible.”

The experience of a brand-new role

“This has been the biggest challenge for me career-wise,” Mariya says, “but also the most wanted move that I’ve ever made. It opened such a big new horizon in front of me. The benefits of diving deep into the technologies used in the product are well worth it.”

“Looking back in time, I couldn’t have been luckier with this move. At the Dublin office, I met great professionals, friends, and mentors.”

Mariya’s advice

When asked what advice Mariya would give her colleagues about making a move, she tells us that the most important thing is to be open to change. “Make the decision that feels right for you and work toward it,” Mariya says. “Once you step out of the comfort zone and welcome change, wonderful things start happening.” She further stresses the importance of building a strong, positive rapport within your team, as their support is critical to making internal moves. “They’ll help you realize the goals you are aiming toward,” she says.

Mariya Barova - hiking


When she’s not working, Mariya loves to spend time outdoors. “I am passionate about hiking, climbing, travelling, dancing, and altogether everything that is adventurous, exciting, and gives me another skill in my toolbox.” We can’t wait to see what moves you make next, Mariya!

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